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Zender Railen 4 JUN 2013 a las 17:52
I am sold
The game's art is something i can enjoy, the game has veriety and uniqueness that a fair share of games releasing these days lack's, And the gameplay looks smooth.

If this game ever released, i would likely buy it and try it out as soon as money permitted =D

Hope to see you in the future :)
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Klegran  [desarrollador] 4 JUN 2013 a las 19:50 
Thanks so much for the kind words, Zender. I'm really glad you said the game looks unique! This is something I was striving for as much as possible.

A little Nekro backstory for you: I've been gaming since 1991. Since then I must have played at least 3-5 thousand games, and I think it's safe to say I know my stuff. The '90s and early '00s saw such a massive spike in innovation; I found myself always captivated by new experiences. Then, something around 2005 changed, we kept getting the same FPS repainted and repackaged. Large studios I've grown up with all my life (EA once put out what today would be considered indie games!) started to care more about the bottom line than the games they were releasing.

I found myself becoming tired of what I love so much, I wanted something new. Grantated, new and innovative games were still coming out (Minecraft, FTL, X-Com, to name a few) but the overall volume of innovation, espeically from large studios, was deminishing. After working many jobs at top tier studios making MMOs, FPSs and shooters I became so sick of the 'same old'. I told myself I was going to change it.

I said, you know what? I'm going to make a game that combines my three all-time top favorite games: Dungeon Keeper, Myth: The Fallen Lords and Giants: Citizen Kabtoo. I want the minion-based gameplay, dark creepy atmosphere and subtle humor of Dungeon Keeper. The bloody, physics-based gore of Myth, and the three warring faction dynamic of Giants.

Then I took my favorite class from any and all games I ever played; a necromancer and said let's make a game. I would be the designer, programmer, and world artist, so all I needed was a kickass character artist, a amazing animator, and a super skilled sound/music guy. After rounding up my dream team I set to work making Nek. Of the 14 years I've been in the game industry, this has been the best game I've ever worked on. :)

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i agree with you
Wraithix 10 JUN 2013 a las 15:39 
Sounds great.

Never played Myth but from the video I just watched, I know I would have liked it. Big fan of Dungeon Keeper and Giants. I also find the Nercomancer my favorite class as well.

Just saw the walkthough vid from E3. Looking forward to giving this a go.
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What Life Doths 9 JUL 2013 a las 11:53 
Fun fact: Your character is a Lich

Liches are like zombies that are wizards (often necromancers).
What Life Doths 9 JUL 2013 a las 11:55 
PS: That thin waist give me the spooks. :s
Davaeth 11 AGO 2013 a las 8:03 
Ta gra przypomina mi Dote
Ragnar 24 AGO 2013 a las 14:17 
Vodkainum 28 AGO 2013 a las 5:57 
This game looks aaaight.
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