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Of Guards And Thieves
Helba  [utvikler] 22. mai, 2013 @ 11:40
[Features progress and ideas] What we want to do for the game?
Here's what is keeping us busy (in no specific order)

If you have suggestions and requests just ask in this thread, or open a new one using this format for the title "[REQUEST] small description"
(You can also follow the original thread on the official forum original forum thread [])

Major Features
  • DONE Host game (peer to peer)
  • DONE Basic combat system
  • DONE Kick player from server
  • WIP 24/7 dedicated servers
  • WIP New maps
  • WIP Guard Bots
  • TODO Up to 16 players games
  • DONE Team chat
  • DONE Class system
  • WIP New Weapon and Gadgets system
  • WIP Tons of Easter Eggs
  • WIP New User Interface

Weapons System
  • WIP Features - Magazines and Reload
  • DONE Generic - Placeholder Generic Gun
  • WIP Guards - Pistol
  • WIP Guards - Shotgun
  • WIP Guards - Rifle
  • TODO Guards - Sniper Rifle
  • WIP Thieves - Silenced Pistol
  • TODO Thieves - insta-kill: crowbar
  • DONE Thieves - insta-kill: knife

Gadgets System
  • TODO Guards - Placeable proximity sensors with alarm
  • TODO Guards - Claymore Mine
  • TODO Guards - Placeable Turrets
  • TODO Generic - Flashbang Grenades
  • TODO Generic - Frag Grenades
  • TODO Thieves - Smoke Grenades
  • TODO Thieves - TearGas Grenades
  • TODO Thieves - Stun Weapon: taser
  • TODO Thieves - Sexy Magazine <3
  • TODO Thieves - Hacking Device

Game modes
  • DONE original Guards vs Thieves (steal objects)
  • WIP Deathmatch
  • WIP Team Deathmatch
  • TODO Assassination\Hunter
  • TODO Bomb Disposal
  • TODO Capture The Flag
  • TODO Hostage Rescue
  • TODO Infection
  • TODO VIP escort
  • TODO Zombie invasion (!_!)
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UnknownFox 23. mai, 2013 @ 0:28 
Do have a few ideas.

1) When you say Magazine and Reload, do you plan to make it so both sides carry limited ammunition? Perhaps forcing guards to go and resupply in the armory and prevents the now "Random shoot in the bush to check for hiders" at the cost of time and ammo.

2) If possible, a map editor/creator would be something I'd love to see. Obviously once all else is done eventually maps will get stale, this would be a continuous breath of fresh-air for players.
Jur 23. mai, 2013 @ 10:41 
I would prefer a 'Assassination\Hunter' or a 'Hostage Rescue' gamemode in favor of a 'Deatmatch'. We have enough of those kind of games.
Helba  [utvikler] 23. mai, 2013 @ 17:56 
Hi Fox,

1) exactly!
2) For now is too early to talk about it or give definitive answers.

Hi Jurjee, dont worry. the main aim of the game is the stealth and tactical team play, Deathmatch it's just an additional piece to give variety, not the main aspect of the game.
BeaverKnight 23. mai, 2013 @ 20:51 
Micket 24. mai, 2013 @ 20:36 
You should make a game mode based of the HL2 mod Suicide Survival. xD
ibrokemypie 25. mai, 2013 @ 3:47 
I suggest unlockables, and to add to the classes, maybe tank classes would make more noise, but scout classes would make less noise.
ibrokemypie 25. mai, 2013 @ 3:52 
Sorry for TF2 terminology;
These classes would be for both teams.

Heavy: Doubles noise, doubles health, slightly lowers speed.
Scout: Lowers health, does less damage, faster.
Spie: Dramatically lowers noise, slightly lowers speed, lowers health, does triple damage from behind.

All of these classes would be able to use any unlocked weapon, each weapon and team would have base stats modified by the classes, if a Guard was Heavy, they would have 200hp rather than 100, if a Thief was heavy, they would have 100.
sonic the hedgehog 27. mai, 2013 @ 13:24 
1) Can you get weps that can do more damage like the ak 47
2) is the thives are the zombies? or gaerds?
3)can you make a game of survival Never ending zombies?
thats all my questions now awnser it
Helba  [utvikler] 27. mai, 2013 @ 15:27 
xCoolo) The class system that will be introduced in the future, it looks like what you wrote in some aspect, will give you more details later.

1) if you read the features, you'll notice that different weapons will be introduced with different characteristics, for now there is only one placeholder weapon.

2-3) we're going to add something similar in some " FUN mode" in the future.

Mickit) You know that is not a bad idea? ;)
UnknownFox 28. mai, 2013 @ 6:07 
One question that comes to mind, silenced pistol. Will that perhaps be weaker but removes the white trail?
Fill-Lips 29. mai, 2013 @ 15:31 
Do you plan on making options for the gamenodes where you change...

How many items you steal
Specific or any
Blackout, Normal or Pernament lights

Because it would be fun to change some settings so you have to steal every item, but in a blackout.
Helba  [utvikler] 5. juni, 2013 @ 11:18 
Im not sure about the white trail, we will experiment with different settings (including removal of the white trail) and evaluate the effects and balancing.

We will consider the suggestions, surely there will be a mode where you have to steal all objects.
Monsieur Hon Hon 6. juni, 2013 @ 20:53 
Id like to see an option that allows you to make the game faster. Like, everyone in the game is like gottagofast and you shoot faster. It would be silly and fun imo.

Alos, why not a map where its raining and sometimes the thunder strikes and the map is lit for a split second.

anyways, the concept is genuis and i hope its going to pass greenlight.
ryanrem 9. juni, 2013 @ 7:13 
One thing i started to realize is that once you know where everything is on the map and know the quickest escape route it because pretty easy to be a thief. In the military camp alone i was able to end games in less than a minuet because i knew where the gas tank was immediatly. Maybe some randomization wouldnt hurt for example instead of having just 6 items have 12 but only have 6 out on the field. Make some of them spawn in the same spot as other items (example maybe instead of the gas can spawning in that location its the crowbar) so its not in the same place every map. This would force thieves to "spy" the location first just so they can figure out where everything is.
Helba  [utvikler] 15. juni, 2013 @ 12:57 
have a little 'patience, it is not our intention to let the game become a "run and shoot" game.
Most of the problems will be solved with the introduction of the class system, and a recalibration of the damage and HP value.
The server list menu will be improved with various filters and more information about the game.
I'm sorry for any problems, but the game is still young, it lacks many important parts on which we are working on.
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