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The Dead Linger - Alpha
The dead lingor. Or 7 Days To Die?
Wich game do you think will be better?
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The Dead Linger. It looks it will be really great game, with a Steam support.
well i already bought 7 days to die. it seems like it has everything i could want in a zombie apocolyps. i just want to see what everybody else thinks. i will be following the developement of the dead lingor though
Seb 9.8.2013 kello 14.38 
really of course the dead linger 7 days to die doesnt even look that good
Exuro 9.8.2013 kello 14.50 
I don't think that's fair. I think 7 Days to Die looks really good, and certainly worth a look. I personally don't think it will deliver quite the scope that The Dead Linger will, but I think that 7 days to die will offer a more complete survival experience in the immediate future. I personally bought them both, because I'm still look for the perfect survival game. The Dead Linger is a game that I've been following for atleast a year and a half and am still a huge supporter of, but I expect to be playing quite a lot of 7 Days to Die in the coming weeks (when the Alpha surfaces).
I didn't even know about 7 days to die.... buying it now. I already own The Dead Linger and it has a ways to go.
Shmood 9.8.2013 kello 17.47 
Why not both? Thats what I plan on doing...
iv got both.. really... i love TDL for its open world sprawling and base stuff etc.. where as 7 days to die.. its more of a.. minecraft type world thats limited in size... i like geting lost... but i like zombies.. ill be geting it to play it.. but doubt it will capture my attention
Behemoth 10.8.2013 kello 11.25 
With both games greenlit, does anybody know when Dead Linger and 7 Days will be available on Steam?
Harmor lähetti viestin:
With both games greenlit, does anybody know when Dead Linger and 7 Days will be available on Steam?
TDL is said to be released late August/early September. Basically when build 010 is released. 7 Days, I dunno.
7 days to die without doubt !
Well, eveyone has their own opinion, in my opinion 7days to die look 10 times better then this, just because for me the view is just bette,r different zombie types, crafting, trap building skill trees, i mean, what would u want more then this? i personaly dont like the deadlinger that much, but its my opinion, its will surely be a good game, but some guys are more like the dead linger some more 7days to die, both are very great games i think, even tho i pref. 7days...
7 Days To Die looks good. but to me The Dead Linger looks way better
Fabrix 11.8.2013 kello 21.04 
let's not fricking joke ffs. At the moment 7dtd looks so much better and costs even less. At the moment there is no compare and whoever say the opposite is a ridiculous fanboy or a dev's friend. What does this game offer more? the ability to rotate a 2x4 the hell i want??? well LMAO to that. Going underground offer so much more in gameplay diversity and the crafting possibility of the other game are just too superior to this one. Maybe the map in linger will be as big as they say, big as the real world apparently, is that even true? That would be a crazy good feature but problem is if is half empty like it is now is only a joke and will get boring very soon. At this stage of development, 7dtd is miles ahead but this doesn't mean that this game cannot catch up and add more features to make it better. Time will tell. For whoever doesn't have the time or money to play or buy both games, get 7 days to die.
Why not both? :D I preordered both and I dont regret it. Both fantastic games. But TDL is a little dry atm... Need that new engine change now!! :D
Never heard about 7 Days to die until now so I might be a bit biased. It looks great but they got to fix the back breaking scoliosis the girl has. Seriously. She looks like a blow-up doll with ridicilous proportions. The deformation with voxels looks great, although I'm a bit worried as to how much you can destroy until the world is a flat map. If it even is possible.

Anywho, I'd say go for both. The Dead Linger is a bit empty as of the latest build if you look at it from the outside compared to 7 Days to Die but they obviously function very differently. Both of these developers should be supported for producing such great games.
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