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The Forest
The Forest and Virtual Reality
Hey guys,

I'm really excited for The Forest, and I was wondering are there any more VR Enthusiasts in the fanbase? I've got an Oculus Rift dev kit (which is frickin awesome btw), I have/had a Razer Hydra (sent it back since it wasn't working properly, can't get another one yet), and I've backed the STEM System on Kickstarter.

These are all to be supported by this game, and I've spoken to Ben about it and he's said they've spent a lot of time getting mechanics to work really well in virtual reality, so I wonder what we'll be able to do?

Will we be able to use weapons by using 1:1 hand tracking? One thing I've been waiting for with VR is proper melee combat, actually swinging and seeing how the angle and seped of that swing affects the enemy (assuming it's like this).

Will we craft items using our hands? (having a bunch of supplies laid out on a rock or something, and actually using your hands to link items together)

Will we be able to pick up things using our hands and move them around to build? (Lifting a rock or a log and moving it somewhere to block off an entrance or something)

There are many other ways a game like this could utilize virtual reality, I cannot imagine how terrifying it will be to play this with the Oculus Rift (believe me, immersion is multiplied tenfold). Looking at the game on a monitor, you can see that your character is in a dark cave, but you're only looking at a screen. When you throw on the Oculus, and it seems like you are actually IN that cave, where you actually feel like you're in a tight space, you feel that peril as you can hear things creeping in the darkness, and you can't just look away.

And can you even imagine how immersive it would be once co-op is added, and let's say you and your buddy both have an Oculus and a STEM system, you're quietly sneaking up on something, and you can actually look over at your friend and use hand signals, actually looking over at your friend and seeing a digital representation of them rather than a simple avatar will be a huge boost in immersion (for me at least)

Anyway, wanted to hear others' thoughts, are you excited for VR in The Forest? What sort of things do you hope you can do?

TL;DR - Are you excited for Virtual Reality in The Forest?
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Occulus Rift on The Forest! So real you get PTSD from playing! (post-traumatic stress disorder)
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