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Reprisal Universe
Grey Sep 25, 2013 @ 3:44am
Few things much missing & suggestions
I came across this beauty lately while looking through the barren God game genre. I think it's definitely a great game, a little masterpiece, and I can understand what passion, dedication, hard work, love and hate it takes to develop such a thing on your own in a year-long effort. I could not resist playing campaign through a night, big thanks to Last17.

Two major issues are present, I believe:
1. balancing - winning AI is all about quick flattening & expansion and then attacking while casting bunch of swamps. Map always looks the same at the end of the game.
2. missing multiplayer - RTS synchronization is quite complex to implement, I understand, but I'd definitely recommend this game to few of my friends to play with: exchanging lightning storms would be a huge fun.

Reprisal should be a big commercial success for an indie developer with these two solved.

On the balance side of things, I'd recommend thinking about adding a crucial gameplay diversity tied to the landscape. *For example*, implement three or four types of villages, producing different unit types depending on the landscape they're built in:
- lowlanders (land tiers 1-2);
- midlanders (land tiers 3-4);
- highlanders (land tiers 5+);
- archers (any land tier, but village should be surrounded with trees).

Highlanders kill Midlanders easily, Midlanders kill Lowlanders easily, Lowlanders kill Highlanders easily. Archers are kind of support that shoot from back but die in melee quickly.

Thus in order to survive and win you have to have a best army composition that counters what your enemy has, think of strategy in advance and constantly shape your terrain to gain advantage. That will also make the end-game landscape look more interesting.

Few spells like swamps are difficult to counter and OP, but that's allright as long as AI will use them more often providing more challenge.

I'd also impose some sort of friction factor that slows down tribe expansion or unit speed generation making it easier to catch up with leaders, and harder to gain bigger advantage than you already have.

On the UI / UX side of things I'd recommend having as default a terrain tool that raises / flatten the landscape to a certain N tier (user selects which via mouse-wheel or number for example). Would be much handier than now.

Also would be good showing a bigger map part if possible, results in less scrolling etc.

Thank you, feedbacks are welcome