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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted
Rasgah 23 Ago, 2013 às 8:29
Opinions about the game
Is maybe not the greatest title I've found so far and the worst timing, but I wanted to show both side of the game (if you know what I mean, why or why not playing Istaria) Please understand that I have some difficulty to write what I'm trying to say and also my first 'post' about a game .

(Please correct me if I did mistakes)

Community and shard
+First, almost all the community is english and very friendly. The game have 3 that I call 'servers' ( but it called shards) Chaos(most of people are in) , Order (most for Role Play) and Blight(Testing incomming update on Chaos and Order)

-It can happen that some fights between some people rise up, we're all human,eh ? Better watch out about what you're saying, just in case that you won't bring someone mad to you and you're yelling at it, brief.

Language, quest and portal system
+Correct me if Its wrong herre- So far the game's langage is only english and have a quest sythem, some of them can unlock new attacks (called abilities) or allow to enter in a new place. You need to know what you need to kill or where to go, so you keep reading your quest log. A bit of lecture can't hurt anyone :)

-Mostly all the quest are similar in a way by killing or going somewhere. The map is pretty huge and have a portal 'system' mean, a cities portal can allow you to port in most of the cities, a guild portal to the guild thingy,etc.

+You can bound your character to a shrine that allow you to respawn herre if you die.
-Watch if there a portal nearby to avoid to be stuck surrounded by high-level monster thought.

-I think they should add more different monster, just because they're all the same models. Example : You hunt small,normal,large and giant ruxus. A bunch of levels later, you fight Arbrotus which use the same model as a ruxus and size. Golems ? All the same but the name and level change.

Races and subcription
+Basicly, Istaria is F2P (Free to play). You can play a human for ever without any game-restriction (*cought* like dofus which you have acces a percent of the game without paying *cought*)
-But it become B2P (buy to play) if you wish to play other race like elf, satyr and even dragon that can fly.

Biped and Dragon
+ Biped have 29 adventure schools (class) and the max lvl is fixed to 100
- Dragon have only one adventure schools
+But they can fly if they complete a quest named RoP (Rite of Passage) at lvl 30

+All the race have crafting schools and the lvl is fixed to 100
+Biped (all race but dragon) have 19 crafting schools
+Dragon have 2 crafting schools including Lairshaper
-Sadly, you need to lvl your crafting if you want to craft the stuff you need if you don't want to pay another to do it.
-Raising your craft lvl take more time then raising your adventure lvl, depending what you're currently equipped.

Glitch and bug
Of course, some bug and glitches can happen in the game like a headless dragon or simply the texture glitched.

It have weekly maintenance (it was, on tuesday, right?)

Please take note that I can make mistake, we're all human herre.
I hope this will help someone to understand that was kinda like my opinions of the game and was wondering to see information (and recaps) conserning the game.
And mostly,
I'm thinking that post can help people !

Any question? Huehue

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Vergial 30 Ago, 2013 às 22:54 
To correct you: It is not B2P (that would imply paying once to obtain content, without ever paying again for it). It is subscription-based for anything other than human-only play, which is moderately pathetic to me. The bipeds play almost exactly alike, with very few differences. Having to subscribe to play as them is honestly somewhat embarassing.

To be fair, the game is functional, and the lore (for the dragons anyway) is quite deep. Unfortunately, in my own opinion, that's all the good I can find in it.

The UI is fugly as all hell, combat is lackluster and boring (the long skill-recharge times only make the boring combat that much worse), questing is dull and lifeless and presents you with textwall after textwall, crafting is dull in absolutely every possible sense of the word, finding anything within the world is a chore (such as mining points or level-appropriate mobs, or even quest objectives in some cases), and this paragraph is just one long run-on sentence, but you get the idea.

It is fair to compare this to any other pay-to-play MMO for a very good reason: if it wants exposure on Steam, it WILL have to compete with the big-names out there. Unfortunately for the Istaria crew, there are FAR better -FREE- MMOs on Steam already. In order for Istaria to compete with better, FREE MMOs, it's going to have to first match the price: Free. Offer a cash shop for cosmetics and the like, as most free MMOs do. The game, being subpar in almost every respect, can only survive if it matches price first.

If it did have a cash shop, I'd certainly support Istaria then. Of course, it'd have to be free to play from the get-go first. But I'd support any company that proves it listens to its players and customers.
daulnay 2 Set, 2014 às 14:30 
This is a 2nd-gen MMO, with all the drawbacks that implies: grinding, old graphics, clunky AI. It's also one of the few still around and available to play. But only deep dragon lore and a functional game is hardly fair to Istaria.

The most noticable things are, of course the dragons. Being able to play a Dragon and fly around the entier landscape is awesome (even with ooooold graphics). Even the recent MMO whose big draw was flying (Aion) didn't provide that.

The game has a fantastic and civilized community, a precious and pleasant thing. I'm not part of it, and that's not what brings me back to the game again and again, though.

It has an interesting, complex, and flexible crafting system. You can not only build things on your own plot of land, but you can build structures in the game (when the game story allows). These are huge community efforts, and imo part of the reason Istaria has such a tight-knit community. What the players do as a community can change the world. Bridges, portals, even minor things like streetlamps have been built by the player. But that is not all....

The crafting system allows for a very flexible degree of customization of both equipment and spells. Like any good game, it presents you with meaningful choices to make, but rarely do you see those choices in a game's crafting system. You rarely see spell customization (ES: Oblivion is the only other well-known one), and Istaria's is better: you face real trade-offs.

The non-Dragon class system allows flexible multi-classing, as well. Again, you have to make meaningful choices. While it's possible to get maximum level in all classes, it's not easy -- and you can make your levelling very, very painful if you don't understand how it works. The system encourages careful multi-classing, and that's part of the fun. Obviously, this part of the game isn't for people who just want to bash things.

The crafting and multiclassing systems are fully available for free-to-play (except for crafting your own house complex). Even so, I pay for a subscription; this game is too unique to let it pass on.

(LoD) Serafina 12 Nov, 2016 às 12:57 
Arbotus use a completely different model from ruxus
arbotus have sticks and whatnot coming out of them and have a different texture. they also have a quirrel in tehir mouths...kinda
What does the squirrel say? XD

Free to play access changed. You can play any race you wish now up to a lvl cap of 15 each school. Also you can only have 1 character at the time. You can buy a sub and lvl your character further up. If your sub runs out you will still be able to log into that character. You are just stuck on the lvl you had when the sub ran out.

There has been added 1 more crafting school for dragons to the game: Crystalshaper

These are the things that have changed in your post ^^

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