Torchlight II

Torchlight II

The Destroyer Class (He's Back!)
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Anoka  [sviluppatore] 26 ago 2013, ore 0:39
Remember Phanjam's Icons
So it has come to my attention that lots of people are confusing my mod with Phanjam's version, and it is likely true that having him listed as an "author" can be quite confusing. For now I will be removing his "author" status, but I want everyone to remember that he made the character icon and active skills icons.

Phanjam's version of the mod is sadly not available on steam. (Hopefully, he will get that fixed someday, otherwise, you can find it on RGF)

I added Phan as a contributor to thank him for making some sweet icons (they literally look like they are out of TL1), but now he has his own version uploaded and it seems people are thinking that his version is this one. I'm gonna take him off so that people don't get confused by seeing both of us as the "author" of the same version.

For people who don't know, my mod is planned to be a base Destroyer, as if he had walked out of the TL1 world. Phan's version will be a more modern Destroyer, with more skills and lots of cool new things (I believe he is also tweaking the older skills). Also, his dream is to someday have a wardrobe on it. This works out well for the community, as there will be a version for people who don't want any changes, as well as one for people who want a version with lots of new additions.

We are trying to keep the similarities at a minimum to maximize the utility from having two different versions, but there are some parts that we ended up putting in both versions.

One part is obviously the character icons and skill active icons that Phanjam made.

Another one is the animation, model edit, and skin texture work that I've done. (Not that Runic's work wasn't awesome, but I couldn't help adding muscles and making him shirtless lmao).

Also, as I've said before, if anyone wants to use the assets in this mod to make their own version, you are more than welcome.
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Yo brother Anoka! Hey I'm really sorry if people have been complaining to you about any confusion between our Destro mods :(

Good idea turning off my "author" status on this mod of yours (I always did feel funny about being listed as an author anyway, cos I haven't done enought to deserve it XD ). Hope that cuts down the problem!

I'm gonna post in my mod-thread about this too, reminding people we've got 2 different mods :D
Anoka  [sviluppatore] 12 set 2013, ore 4:51 
HEY BRO! XD yea man, it makes me sad that I can't link to you as a major component, but hell, its for the better I guess. The least I could do is make this damn sticky for people to know about your icons lol.

"haven't done enough to deserve it" HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D8< quality always before quantity man! And even if it were about quantity, you've done a HUGE amount for this big guy! Hell man, it took me forever just to get those crappy icons for the Descendants lmao! Imagine if I had spent all of that time trying to make icons to the quality that you've provided; I don't even think I could reach that level of quality (do I have to keep referencing the crappy Descendant icons? lol).

HOW DARE YOU, but anyways thanks again man XD
Hey Brother ANoka!

Thanks again and yeah I have decided to really sit down and learn enough Blender to get my wardrobe vision into reality!

BTW, I tried renaming my mod to solve that confusion issue some people were having between our 2 mods, but it breaks any savegames from the previous version :(

So I'll just put up signs everywhere about there being 2 mods from us and not to confuse them XD

Just wanted you to know I tried man LOL!

See you Brother!
I feel like I need to start this comment off with "How you doing, bro?!"
Anoka  [sviluppatore] 18 ott 2013, ore 15:29 
Lol, hi Fortitudo bro, how you doing?
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