Torchlight II
The Destroyer Class (He's Back!)
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Anoka  [Разработчик] 11 окт. 2013 в 14:15
I call it a fat update, because Shadow Armor and Shadow Bowman were a pain in the butt to implement. Anyways, included in the update are 4 new skills: Stampede, Seismic Burst, Shadow Armor, and Shadow Bowman. Also, the layout of his skills in the Skills Tab got updated so that I have room to put in the passives. I'd like to thank everyone who was patient for this update (I really can't stress enough how the shadow skills were a pain to get working right).

*Other updates*
-Oldschool passives added! (these are the ones he had in TL1)
-Changed the passive icons to make them fit more in the skill tree

WOMAN DESTROYER!!! (Called a Destroyer Descendant here) She is called a Descendant to keep up with the ancestor lore that is associated with the Destroyer.

*Other update2*
-Finally you can all die 1,000,000,000 times and be happy (odd I know). I finally got a death animation for him haha!

Male Descendant added (picture above) - The armor that is worn by the Descendant is visible, and he is the same height as the Destroyer. Also, just like the female Descendant, he has the same skills as the Destroyer (for now). I know he’s not as beastly looking as the Destroyer, but he is a “destroyer” class that has visible armors.

******************** HUGE FAT UPDATE ********************
• small bug fixes
• gave the male Descendant more muscle and removed shoulder gear
• gave the Destroyer more muscle and different pants (texture and model edit)
• ATTACK ANIMATION HOTFIX (pain in the butt)

Feel free to start your two-hand and two-pistol Destroyers cause the attack animations are done!

The reason why I call it a hotfix is because now the coding is a little crazy, and I couldn’t find a way of pulling this off without making changes in both 3dsmax and GUTS. This doesn’t concern anyone except for those who want to use my mod as a base for their own version (there are only two of you out there that I know of lol). Another huge problem that I had (that added even more time to this update’s release) was the fact that uploading it would cause a problem for those of us that already have a high level Destroyer. New Destroyers start out with the fix I made in GUTS, but I needed a way to also give it to the older, already created, Destroyers.

(If you are going to start a new character you don’t need to read this)

- You must make him eat an item called “Destroyer’s Sushi Grade Fish Meat” or else your attack animations will be super slow and glitchy.

-“Destroyer’s Sushi Grade Fish Meat” is carried by the Descendants (both male and female). You’ll need to create one of those classes and have him/her deliver the meat to your “shared stash.” From there, your old Destroyer can take it and eat it.

-DO NOT EVER EAT “Alchemist’s Research Whale Meat.” It will make your Destroyer’s attacks super slow and glitchy. I made this item, because sometimes disloyal Descendants would keep the “Destroyer’s Sushi Grade Fish Meat” for themselves and eat it. This whale meat is intended to be consumed by those selfish Descendants, as a way to remove the sushi meat’s effects.
If one of your other classes accidently eats the sushi meat, they can eat whale meat and be ok.

-Again, if you are a newly created Destroyer, you already have what’s needed and you don’t need to eat the sushi meat.

I didn’t want to add the meats to any merchant, because doing so would make this mod incompatible with synergies, and I know some of you guys use that mod. The reason I gave it to the Descendants was because they are a part of this mod, and editing their inventories won’t mess with other mods. So basically the story is this: The Destroyer forgot his sushi meat at Torchlight, and now he has called upon one of his Descendants to deliver it to the shared stash. It’s kind of like a mini quest lol. REMEMBER if you create a new Destroyer, he doesn’t need the meat (the story in that case would be that he finally remembered to grab the meat as he was leaving the town). ONLY EAT THE SUSHI MEAT IF YOU ARE A DESTROYER FROM BEFORE THIS UPDATE.

-Big Destroyer- fixed his texture seams. I did a crappy job when I first released him, since I only cared that he was shirtless lol. Now the seams are blended in, and he can go fighting in the snow with neither shirt nor scarf! LOL. Its for the better, because I did some more texture work for his arms, back, and chest, and now you can actually see it.

-Big Destroyer- the animation hotfix was making his skills do double damage DX I can't believe I didn't notice it! Anyways, I offset everything, so now he is back to original TL1 damage.

-Descendants- added more choices for hairs. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

-Male Descendant- gave him even more muscle, I wanted to make him even bigger than he is, but he looked odd, so this may be his max size. Also, if you've got an older Descendant, I think he will keep the old muscle structure. The game is weird like that.

-Skill Tree- made original Destroyer actives purple to denote difference between classic actives (purple) and TL2 actives (red). Passives shall remain blue.

-Descendants- 3 new actives! I'm quite happy with how these turned out as they are not only lore friendly, but also friendly to the original skill trees as well.

Regarding the new skills:
I feel that there needs to be more of a reason to spend skill points into the "Titan" tree, where one can take advantage of all of the ranged skills. Most of the Destroyers I play are generally melee, focusing on the "Berserker" and "Spectral" tree, but I’ve always wondered how strong a ranged “Titan” tree Destroyer would be.

Since the Descendants get to be a little different, I feel that they ought to have multiple "common" builds like the other TL2 classes (2h Engineer vs. Cannoneer vs. Sword and Board Engineer, for example). The 3 new skills that I've added give the Descendants a choice of fighting as one of the regular melee Destroyers, or as a ranged commander type, like the good old fishymancer from Diablo 2.

With these new skills, I’ve also added some extra ways of making the player pay for using his/her skills. With the Assassins, you pay them and get 5% less gold (tiers lower the amount), and “Blood of the Ancients” makes you lose health for every use. I hope you guys enjoy XD.
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Anoka  [Разработчик] 11 окт. 2013 в 14:16 
Quality patch:
-shake made more noticeable on titan stomp (thanks for bringing it to my attention XD)

-volume on doomquake lowered (r.i.p. to folks who used headphones when this first came out lol)

-lowered visual output on frost shield. Players can now see themselves better. (I was thinking: "what's the point of making these awesome shirtless manly-man textures if frost shield just covers up the character!?" lol)

-lots of bug fixes and visuals for seismic burst. There was a bug that was causing it to hit multiple times and do uber amounts of damage. Also, I was watching some old Destroyer videos and realized that my partilces for this skill could have been better, so I updated it visually as well.
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Anoka  [Разработчик] 4 ноя. 2013 в 16:33 
Vegan Update:

Big Destroyer - FISHING ANIMATIONS! XD Well, I had forgotten about these, since fishing worked without them. Now you can fish and not be running in place haha! This is just another tiny update to the big guy that is part of my polishing process.

Big Destroyer - New starting weapons! He gets dual pickaxes (both from the embermine of the original town of Torchlight). The weapons are only special in looks, they have the same stats as a starting axe. Also, Descendants still have the same starting swords, I just wanted to increase the nostalgia that one gets when they pick the big guy instead of just a male Descendant.

Sorry for the long wait on such a small update! Truthfully, I had been holding these small changes for a later update (I was literally done with this stuff back in September), but I changed my mind and thought that people should be able to play with this update now! XD
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Anoka  [Разработчик] 21 фев. 2014 в 17:21 
Small Update:

Descendants - CHARGE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or should I say Charge Sword? XD)

I've been saving this update for many months now, but I didn't want to put it out there until I could make it a bigger release. Seeing as I'll be super busy for quite some time, I thought I might as well upload it for the folks who were patiently waiting for the chargebar. I forgot what else I worked on for this patch since its been so long and they were very minor things. The only major thing was the charge bar, and so thats why I remembered it haha. Anyways I hope you guys like it and sorry for not uploading it sooner.
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