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Conan Exiles

Emberlight 2.1.9
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Dr. Nash  [developer] Jun 6, 2019 @ 12:25am
Quickstart Guide - Core Features
This discussion will serve as an overview for Emberlight's core features and quality of life improvements, as well as the Cuisine! feature and instructions on how to use these features. Feel free to use it for feedback and questions about the features below.


  • Required feats: Simple Hospitality, Professional Hospitality and Serving Kegs (all found under Furniture Maker)
  • Serving dishes (plates, bowls and cups) are placed as normal. Each has a single inventory slot. When an food or drink item appropriate for that dish is placed inside of it, that food or drink item will be visually displayed.
  • Serving Kegs work as follows: Place any drink inside a serving keg. This will lock the keg; a serving keg can only contain a single type of drink. Owners can empty a keg and then reset it using the radial menu to fill it with a new drink. To obtain a drink from serving kegs as the owner, simply interact with it and remove one from its inventory. As a non-owner, interacting with a serving keg will place one drink item from the keg on your quickbar.

Base Game Tweaks and Changes

  • Basic crafting station inventories increased to 30 slots.

  • Inventory stacks for most consumable items and materials increased to 100. This includes healing items, raw food, cooked food, drinks, crafting materials, etc. The object of this tweak is mainly to create consistency across items in the same category.

  • Added the Layered Leather recipe to the Armorer feat, allowing players to combine standard Leather and Twine into Thick Leather.

Additional Tools, Deco and Other Items

  • The Librarian feat (level 25), found under the Furniture Maker cornerstone feat, provides the following recipes:
    • Basic Bookshelf, Long Bookshelf, Tall Bookshelf, Large Bookshelf
    • Standing Journal, Short Journal Row, Half Journal Row, Long Journal Row
    • Tall Scroll Stack, Short Scroll Stack, Scroll Pile
    • Simple Desk

  • The Tavern Keeper feat (level 25), found under the Decorator cornerstone feat, provides the following recipes:
    • Tavern Bar
    • Three modular Bar Counter pieces

  • The Town Signs feat (level 17), found under the Furniture Maker cornerstone, adds the following signs, similar to the bas game's small signs, with icons to match their descriptions:
    • Bank
    • Storage
    • Blacksmith
    • Militia
    • Armorer
    • Tavern
    • Brothel
    • Alchemist
    • Medicine
    • Trade

  • Bed Pillows. These three items (simple white, Stygian and Khitan) are available in the base game's Bedshaper feat and allow you to bind your character to them. A decorative version of the white pillow is also available.

  • Stone butcher's tools (skinning knife and cleaver). Available with the Apprentice Butcher feat in the Survival tab.

  • Iron Sickle. Available with the Iron Tools feat.

  • Iron Torch. Available at level 15 under the Survivalist cornerstone.