Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Better Balanced Game v3.7.2
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codenaugh[icon_strength_large]  [developer] Oct 25, 2018 @ 10:57pm
Full Changelog
Civs and Leaders
    • Continent combat bonus is attack only
    • Film studio tourism bonus reduced from 100% to 50%
    • Rough Rider UU is now a Cavalry Replacement:
          Class: Light Cavalry
          Cost: 340
          Combat: 62
          Movement: 5
          Maintenance: 2
          Special: +5 Combat on hills, gain 25% of enemy strength as culture for kills on home continent
    • Mustangs (UU Airplane) strength reduced to 90
    • Worship Building enhancement bonus increased from 10% to 20%
    • After researching Astrology, gain 1 Great Prophet Point per turn in the Capital.
    • Mamluks can now upgrade into Cuirisser
    • Leader Ability Bonus Production reduced to 0% when targeted with a declaration of war and reduced to 50% when liberating a city state.
    • Digger UU buffed to:
          Combat: 74
          Movement: 3
      Resource Maintenance: 1 Niter
    • Tlachtli UB cost reduced to 100, now provides +3 culture instead of +1 culture/+2 faith
    • no changes
    • +8 Food and +8 Production for cities with a National Park
    • Hockey Rink UI now at Civil Service
    • Mountie UU buffed to 70 combat strength and Nation Parks bonus radiuses increased to 4 from 2
    • +1 Food on Tundra and Tundra Hills tiles
    • Crouching Tiger UU is now a Crossbowman replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 190
          Ranged Combat: 40
          Combat: 30
          Range: 2
          Maintenance: 3
          Special: +7 Ranged Combat Strength when attacking adjacent units
    • UU scouts can move faster through woods and rainforest, but no free promotion
    • +1 food on floodplains
    • Iteru production bonus increased to 25%
    • Sphinx UI Updated as follows:
          +1 Culture, +2 Faith
          +1 Culture and +1 Faith if adjacent to a Wonder
          +1 Food and +1 Production if built on a desert tile without floodplains
      +1 Culture if built on floodplains
          +1 Culture at Diplomatic Service
          +2 Appeal to each adjacent tile
    • Half cost Theater Square buildings (+100% production)
    • Sea Dog UU is now available at Exploration (was Mercantilism)
    • Tourism from wonders boost reduced from +100% to +50%
    • Chateau UI updated as follows:
          +2 Culture
          +1 Housing
          +1 food and +1 gold for each adjacent luxury resource
          +1 Culture for each adjacent Wonder
          Now available at Feudalism (was Humanism)
          Must be built adjacent to a river
    • Leader ability updated: Now provides 50% of slain enemy unit base combat strength as faith.
    • Tsikhe UB is now a replacement for Ancient Walls that provides +3 faith (and +3 tourism at Flight). Also wall strength is between ancient walls and medieval walls, at 100.
    • Khevsur UU is now a Swordsman replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 100
          Strength: 35
          Maintenance: 2
          Class: Melee
          Special: +5 combat in hills, moving on hills costs only 1 movement
          Requires 5 Iron on online speed
    • Extra District is now available at Guilds instead of game start
    • Acropolis UD: Bonus envoy now requires an amphitheater
    • Extra wildcard policy card delayed until Political Philosophy
    • Gorgo Leader Ability reduced to 25% culture from kills
    • Huszar UU gets +2 combat strength for each alliance instead of +3
    • Black Army UU get only +2 combat strength per adjacent levied unit
    • Levied units only get +1 movement instead of 2
    • Warak'aq ranged strength reduced from 40 to 30
    • Stepwell UI:
      +1 food moved from Professional Sports to Feudalism
      +1 food for every adjacent farm
    • Chandragupta:
      military and religious units get +1 movement
    • Gandhi:
      +1 movement to Builders and Settlers
      additional belief when founding a religion
      +50% production to Holy Site buildings
    • Jongs require 5 Niter on online speed instead of 0
    • Commercial Hubs no longer receive river adjacency bonus
    • Samurai UU availability moved to Feudalism
    • Domrey's are catapult replacement that can move & shoot, and have +5 offense & defense
    • Prasat UB now provides a free missionary when built (requires a majority/founded religion)
    • Trade routes to or from other civilizations provide +2 faith for Khmer, and +2 faith for the sending civilization
    • Aqueducts are half cost (+100% production)
    • Holy Sites get +2 faith from adjacency when placed next to a river
    • Mbemba UU requires 5 Iron (online speed)
    • Seowon UD
      +2 science as base, increased by +1 for every 2 adjacent mines
      Theater Squares provide 0 adjacency instead of -1
      +1 adjacency for Theater Squares
      culture bombs when completed
    • +20% production in all cities for 10 turns after taking a city
    • Hetairoi no longer replace Horsemen, allowing for Cav pre-builds
    • Hypaspist requires 5 Iron (online speed)
    • Toa strength kept to 40 (firaxis nerfed hard)
    • Toa now 2 maintenance instead of 0
    • Combat Bonus versus civilizations in a golden age reduced to +5
    • Chemamull UI now provides +1 production and an additional +1 production at Civil Service
    • Malon Raiders are now a Courser replacement with the following stats:
          Cost: 200
          Maintenance: 3
          Movement: 6 (instead of +5 combat when within 4 tiles of borders)
          Special: pillaging only costs 1 movement
    • Trading posts no longer give +1 diplomatic visibility
    • Ordu UB cost cut in half (60 production now)
    • UU requires 5 niter on online speed
    • Berserker UU adjusted to be 35 strength, +15 when attacking, may be purchased with faith, comes at Feudalism, and gets +2 movement when embarked
    • Stave Church gives +1 Faith to all resource tiles in the city instead of additional adjacency bonus for woods
    • Holy Sites get major adjacency from coastal tiles, and +50% production towards the district and associated buildings
    • Harbors get +2 adjacency from an adjacent Holy Site
    • Melee naval units production bonus reduced to 25%
    • Ranged unit production reduced to 0
    • Experience bonus reduced to 25%
    • Nubian Pyramids UI now provides 2 of the appropriate resource for adjacent districts (food for city center) and can be built on all floodplains, flat plains, and flat grass
    • Pitati Archer reduced to 25 strength
    • Grand Bazaar now a Market replacement instead of Bank replacement
    • No longer receives a movement bonus when declaring a surprise war
    • Immortal Adjusted to 35 Combat (was 30) and 20 Ranged (was 25)
    • Units get +3 Combat Strength when attacking
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Culture when adjacent to a Campus
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Gold when adjacent to an Industrial Zone
    • Pairidaeza get +1 Gold when adjacent to a Harbor
    • Internal trade routes get +2 Culture at Medieval Faires
    • Internal trade routes get +4 Culture at Urbanization
    • Internal trade routes get +2 Gold at Banking
    • Internal trade routes get +4 Gold at Economics
    • Now receives a relic upon founding or completing a religion
    • Winged Hussar availability moved to Divine Right (was Mercenaries)
    • Baths give minor district adjacency bonus in Culture
    • Now only receives 4 bonus tiles when founding a city (was 8)
    • Cossack UU Combat reduced to 62
    • Lavra gets Writer, Artist, and Musician points only when city has a Theater Square
    • Lavra Great Prophet Points reduced from 2 to 1
    • Happy bonus increased from 5% to 10%
    • Ecstatic bonus increased from 10% to 15%
    • Highlander has +10 Defense Strength
    • Golf Course UI updated as follows:
          +1 Culture and +2 Gold
          +1 Culture and +1 Gold if placed adjacent to the city center
          +1 Culture if adjacent to an Entertainment Complex
          +1 Amenity
          +1 Housing at Urbanization
          +1 Culture at Diplomatic Service
    • Kurgan UI now provides +1 production for each adjacent pasture
    • Civilization Ability is updated to allow faith-purchasing of any light, heavy, or ranged cavalry units
    • Saka Horse Archer has been updated as follows:
          Cost: 70
          Ranged Combat: 25
          Combat: 15
          Maintenance: 2
          Range: 2
          Movement: 4
    • Mission UU updated as follows:
          +2 Faith
          +2 Science if adjacent to a Campus
          +2 Faith if on a foreign continent
          Available at Theology
          Provides +1 Housing at Civil Service
          +2 Science at Enlightenment
          +2 Loyalty if on a foreign continent
    • Fleets unlocked at Mercenaries instead of Mercantilism
    • 30% discount on Missionaries
    • +3 influence points per turn towards envoys
    • War Cart UU now a Heavy Chariot replacement with 32 strength and costs 1 maintenance. Has a chance to capture defeated Barbarian and City-State units
    • Ziggurat UI +1 culture moved from Cultural Heritage to Diplomatic Service... also gets +1 science and +1 culture at Enlightenment
    • +50% production towards Factories and Universities
    • +5 Corps and Armies bonus delayed to Nationalism

Non-Unique Units (replacement UUs also adjusted)
  • All planes -10 combat
  • Siege units get +10 ranged defense
  • Anti-Air guns moved to Steel tech
  • Privateers are now available at Exploration
  • Infantry buffed to 72 Combat and 3 Movement, and cost 1 niter maintenance
  • Warrior Monks +5 combat strength (40 now)

World Wonders and Natural Wonders
  • Great Library: Now Available at Drama and Poetry
  • Hanging Gardens: Now provides +1 housing to each city within 6 tiles
  • Venetian Arsenal: Changed to provide +100% to ship production
  • Crater Lake now gives +2 Food, +2 Science, and +4 Faith
  • Cliffs of Dover provides an additional +2 Food, and can be settled
  • Dead Sea provides an additional +2 Food
  • Eye of the Sahara provides +2 Food, +2 Science, and +2 Production
  • Galapagos Islands provides an additional food on adjacent tiles
  • Lake Retba gets +2 Food added
  • Pantanal gets +2 Science added
  • Ubunsur Hollow now provides +2 Faith, +2 Food, and +2 Production
  • Goibustan now +4 Culture and +4 Production
  • White Desert now +2 Science, +2 Culture, and +6 Gold
  • Chocolate Hills now +3 Food, +3 Production, and +1 Science
  • Devil's Tower grants 2 Faith to adjacent tiles instead of 1
  • Huey now gives +2 culture to lake tiles

  • All worship buildings production cost reduced
  • Dar E Mehr now gives +2 culture in total instead of +1 faith per era
  • Work Ethic now +2 production per shrine and +4 per temple
  • Divine Inspiration now +6 faith per wonder
  • Crusade reduced to +7
  • Lay Ministry is now +2 Faith/Culture for appropriate districts
  • World Church is +1 Culture/3 Foreign Followers
  • Cross Cultural Dialogue is +1 Science/3 Foreign Followers
  • Pilgrimage is now +3 Faith per foreign city
  • Tithe is now +1 Gold/3 Followers
  • Zen Meditation now requires only 1 district
  • Religious Communities now applies to Holy Sites
  • Itinerant preachers percentage increased to 40 from 30

  • Dance of the Aurora only applies to flat Tundra tiles now
  • Goddess of Fire Pantheon Faith from volcanic soil and geothermals doubled to +4
  • Lady of the reeds and marshes works on all floodplains and also on marsh wonders
  • Sacred Path also gives +1 adjacency to woods, as well as rainforests
  • Initiation Rites now gives 25% of a land military unit's production value in faith when produced
  • Fertility Rites now gives +1 food on cattle, sheep, wheat and rice, in addition to the free builder
  • Religious Idols gets +3 Faith instead of +2
  • Monument to the Gods now affects Wonders of any era
  • Stone Circles gets +3 faith instead of +2 from Quarries
  • God of War gives +1 Great Person Points to Harbors, Encampments, and Commericals

Governors, Governments, and Golden Ages
  • Victor's Garrison Commander gives +3 combat instead of +5
  • Magnus' Surplus Logistics promotion now gives +2 Production
  • Foreign Ministry (tier 2 gov building) now gives 2 envoys and 2 extra influence per turn
  • Communism's Collectivization card now gives +2 Production for domestic trade routes
  • Warlord's Throne gives +25% production towards naval and land military units, -1 unit maintenance cost, and +15 to strategic resource stockpiles
  • Audience chamber gives +3 food and +3 housing for cities with a governor
  • Pen, Brush, and Voice Golden Age gives +2 culture and +1 gold per district

Culture Victory
  • Moon landing only gives 5x Science as Culture instead of 10x
  • Computers and Environmentalism give +50% tourism boost instead of +25%
  • Tourism from wonders increase to 5
  • Books are now 4 culture and 2 tourism instead of 2 and 2
  • Art is now 4 culture and 4 tourism instead of 3 and 2
  • Artifacts are now 6 culture and 6 tourism instead of 3 and 3
  • Music gives 12 culture and 8 tourism instead of 4 and 4
  • Relics give 4 tourism instead of 8
  • 150 tourism required to gain one foreign tourist (instead of 200)
  • No tourism penalty for being in democracy or digital democracy (used to be 20)
  • Tourism penalties for other tier 3 and 4 governments absorb the 20 from democracy to equal out if someone catches you in government tier... so they are 40 instead of 20 now

  • Score from converting cities reduced from 2 to 1
  • Score for cities reduced from 5 to 2
  • Score for population increased from 1 to 2
  • Era score will no longer count towards actual game score
  • Oil can now spawn on flat plains, as well as all floodplains
  • Walls are now halfway between R&F and GS values (75, 75, 75, 300) (100 for Georgia's Tsikhe walls)
  • Incense +1 food
  • Retinues and force modernization policy cards allow for producing units for half resources cost instead of only working on upgrades
  • Minimum favor from grievances is now 0 instead of -10
  • Can improve offshore Oil at Refining Tech (when Oil is revealed)
  • Trade routes pass along 3 religious spread for send sending and destination cities instead of 1 and 0.5
  • Citizen specialists now give +1 main yield (ex. +1 science for campus specialist)
  • Nan Madol suzerain bonus only applies to special districts now
  • Limes policy card now provides +100% production to Siege Units and does not expire
  • Fishing boats give +1 production

  • Ranged units' promotion, Arrow Storm, no longer works on defense
  • Siege units' promotions, Grape Shot and Shrapnel, no longer works on defense
  • Can declare war on a city-state on the same turn an opposing Amani is removed instead of having to wait 10 turns
  • Artwork from the same artist give their standard culture and tourism yields instead of 1 culture and 1 tourism
  • Fascism combat bonus works on both offense and defense
  • Policy card exploit fixed
  • Pantheon exploit fixed
  • Priority targeting button removed from aircraft
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Ruby 🐦 Dec 19, 2018 @ 4:50pm 
Nice balance, ty for making game better!
CCCJOY Feb 2, 2019 @ 9:29pm 
Hi I noticed you asked for comment if it is working now without crashes, I in fact had disabled because it didn't work, but now it works... I'm not sure if updates cause Disabled mods to Activate somehow (or somehow I did this myself thru juggling other mods) but it now works fine. Good job!
Xiffy Apr 2, 2019 @ 12:52pm 
hi, come pantheons changes don't work, as godess of the hunt and godess of festivals
Slay May 2, 2019 @ 5:01am 
Isn't there too much love for pantheons? They are supposed to be small boosts, not game changers. They are better than having a religion (for which you have to invest a lot).
Last edited by Slay; May 2, 2019 @ 5:01am
abstr May 2, 2019 @ 9:08am 
Mustangs (UU Airplane) strength reduced to 100

-> Now it is 90 str
codenaugh[icon_strength_large]  [developer] May 12, 2019 @ 3:07pm 
Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, we feel there is sufficient units able to compare with legions. It sounds like you started going for a general a little too late. Keep an eye on what great people your neighbors are going for.
No changelog for Phoenicia?
I'll add (no changes)
hey, first of all, thanks for this mod

PotatoMcWhiskey pointed out a new exploit with duplicating Districts, are you gonna be able to fix that too? are you aware of it?

again, thanks for your work!
Yes, most likely
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