Ta gra jest już dostępna na Steam!

Dziękujemy za twoją pomoc w wyborze tej gry do dystrybucji na Steam. Więcej informacji i link do Sklepu Steam znajdziesz poniżej.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
Agarest: Generations of War
ShauniaQ 17 kwietnia 2013 o 2:11
Congratulations on the greenlit!
Today might be the day (big) JRPG's take off on Steam, so everyone just leave supporting messages to Ghostlight here!

EDIT: Congratulations!
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Deadlock2010 17 kwietnia 2013 o 6:24 
PC clearly not enough JRPG. I know TLR (The Last Remnant) is failed in sales, but hope dies last!
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Ghostlight Ltd.  [producent] 17 kwietnia 2013 o 6:37 
*Crosses Fingers* Thanks :)
Steam Announces New Greenlit Games

And those titles are...

-Agarest: Generations of War (aka Record of Agarest War or Agarest Senki)
-(other title)
-(other title)

That's what I'd like to see today.

Which reminds me - assuming it gets Greenlit, when's the estimated release window?
Ghostlight Ltd.  [producent] 17 kwietnia 2013 o 9:03 
@Tjoeb123 I'm not sure we have one yet I'm afraid. Work is going quite well on it though and we have had several playable builds in the office.
Hollow_Tears 17 kwietnia 2013 o 9:43 
I want to play it soon.
DesmaX 17 kwietnia 2013 o 9:52 
Oh, so it's gonna take a little while then.

Good, my budget is kinda tight nowadays, lol
TheSwordUser 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:07 
I don't want to sound like an overly pessimistic guy, but we shouldn't get our hopes up so much.
I'm pretty sure that Valve already had games list ready before they even announced next batch of greenlit titles (therefore, before this one went live).
Besides, this getting greenlit out of blue would cause massive internet backlash ("WTF THIS GAME I LOVE HAS BEEN STUCK IN GREENLIGHT FOR MONTHS, BUT THIS GETS NEARLY INSTANT PASS?!"). Also, I remember reading that apparently it's Valve that suggested Ghostlight to actually go through greenlight, so this might have been just a popularity booster and it would be released on Steam either way (please don't quote me on that, my google fu is failing me at the moment and can't find source of this).
Yes, I want this game, yes I voted for it, but I think we'll have to wait for steam release a little bit longer. Hopefully the hype won't die down.
dbolt 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:24 
It's been greenlit! Congrats :D
TheSwordUser 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:26 
Oh, great, I guess I can forget about being pessimistic (but I guess we won't avoid backlash I've mentioned)
ShauniaQ 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:27 
Congratulations!!! \o/
atesz 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:32 
PhyreMatrix 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:36 
Backlash only comes from crap games getting Greenlit because of stuff like some YouTube Let's Play video. This game looks lovely and congratulations on getting litup so quickly. I hope the port is nearing release.
Troll 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:37 
Congrats, and thanks as well. For both bringing a game I think I'll love, and for wedging a foot in the door to bring more JRPGs.
Lenteazul 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:37 
Grats Ghostlight! Hopefully the game does well for you to bring more games to steam. :)
Majaraja 17 kwietnia 2013 o 10:39 
Yaaaay, gratz, guys!!
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