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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
New Characters+cameos
I was thinking of ways this game could be improved and I thought maybe some new characters. Here's some of the character's I thought of:
  • Bad Luck Bootsy(Guy with eye patch from Board James videos)
  • Board James
  • The
    Nostalgia Critic (or at least a cameo)
  • "Alive" version of Kyle Justin (or "Guitar Guy")

    I know Kyle was giving some trouble giving the licensing to use him in the game, but maybe something can be discussed. I think Bootsy would allow himself to be put in the game so he can me more a part of the Cinemassacre franchise. His character was killed off in the Board James Finale but so was Mike's and he was put in the game. Board James is played by James so there would be no problem adding him. Finally, The Nostalgia Critic seems to be good friends with James so I don't see why he wouldn't consider being put in the game. I'm pretty sure he's making a cameo in the AVGN movie so that shows he probably would be willing to do the same with the game.

    Of course all these characters would need some creative and unique abilities according to their personality, so any ideas? I think Nostalgia Critic would have a gun, in fact somebody made a sprite of him to show how he should look in the game and he had a gun. Also he does in a few of his videos. Bootsy and Board James, I'm not too sure about. I think it would be awesome to have Guitar Guy be alive and have dialogue. I just don't like playing as a skeleton. I'm not sure why Kyle changed his mind about using his likeness in the game, maybe something with money or his career? I also think it would be hilarious to put The Irate Gamer somewhere in the game. They should make it obvious it's him but not directly say so to avoid any trouble. You know, just like a quote like "This ♥♥♥♥♥♥ game is making me so irate" or something funny.

    Tell me what you think of my ideas and what you think about these characters or what weapons or abilities you think they would have.