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Collection has no children - DS problem
I run a dedicated Gmod server on Linux. I also run a CS:GO server on the same machine.
My start-up command is the following:
-game garrysmod -autoupdate +hostport 27016 +maxplayers 32 +sv_password <password> +map cs_office +gamemode prop_hunt -authkey <key> +host_workshop_collection 135509255

Screen log shows the following:
Logging into anonymous gameserver account. Fetching Workshop Addons.. Calling GetCollectionDetails Collection has no children: { "response": { "result": 1,p "resultcount": 0, "collectiondetails": [ { "publishedfileid": "135509255", "result": 9 } ] } }
Console tries to call GetCollectionDetails again six more times with the same response. The server launches fine, apart from not being able to find gamemode prop_hunt. Can someone help?
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