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List your pros and cons about the game!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on WissX/Mike; 12.5.2013 kello 15.59
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suksas 12.5.2013 kello 22.33 
Close to making your own games and lots of fun while not being as hard as gamebiz.

Needs few more functions.
-Love the Game Dev genre (since I'm learning to make my own games)
-Love simulation genre (not many that are worth playing)
-Plays well on my dated computer (even after my video card died and now I'm running an even crappier one)
-They made the game easy to mod (without adding mod support)
-Lots of topics for games and research options for features
-Cute visual theme
-Good music for being nothing epic

-No tool tips, (hard to learn what things do without looking at wiki)
-Leveling time allocation for game dev does little or no effect (I couldn't notice a difference in levels when I was trying to figure out what they did IE lvling sound didn't make features added for that item any fast, maybe made bubbles come in faster but if it did was a small increase)
-Leveling workers adds little to no effects but makes them cost more money (really should bump up their stats a lot high.)
-Only reliable way to get people better is to spend ALOT of research points on them.
-research points don't come in fast enough unless you spam training to increase research point bubbles, or have R&D.
-So many feature options yet so little room for them.
-No option to increase development time on a game (other then size of game). Increasing game size doesn't seem to allow more time for features to be added to the game (only tested on small and medium).
-Contracts are either way to easy or way to hard. Also don't provide enough rewards to be worth the trouble.
-Hiring seems under powered. I didn't test much but doing 50% money spent and different tests only resulted in people rank 1-3.
-Speed stat seems wrongly used. Effects how many bubbles you get. Would rather it allow extra features to be added in shorter period of time.
- Having more team members working on a game then needed only adds more bubbles. Doesn't allow extra features to be added.
-Medium+ games, why can't I have more then the min amount of workers on a task?
- Having workers set to tasks as well as allocating time makes no sense. Seems like conflicting ways of allocating your team.
- Menus could be fancied up a lot
- Really needs more information about your progress available other then just game history.
- Needs resolution support.

I could probably make a few more for each catagory but I think I'll stop here.
A con for me is not with the game itself but editing/modding the game/saves. I've beaten it and usually i like to play around with the game/save files to test things and for fun, but with this game it has certainly been troublesome.
-Very addicting
-Good overall gameplay
-Many different platforms to make games for
-Plays well
-Nice visuals
-Lots of genre/topic combos
-Lots of research
-Great balance
-Great Replay value
-Very rewarding

-Too similar to game dev story
-PC dev price too low later on for market share
-Not enough feedback on reviews
-Too random
-Almost unplayable without the wiki up
-No multi-platform releases
-Contracts that seem easy don't work due to workers being "stumped" (adds to the randomness)
-People getting "stumped" too ofte
-Very lazy employees (need vacation every few minutes)
-Bad resolution support
-Allocating workers to different spots doesn't work too well (they get overworked by doing a tiny bit of graphics, wtf?!)

The game is great, but needs to be fixed to be amazing
8/10 "Quirky but good" - Pinguify
Yup, I just reviewed a game about reviews with a review from one of the reviews of the game about reviews with me reviewing it.
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