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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Old Gen GunZ Player (Froweey)

I'm an old gen GunZ player dating back to iGunZ and ijjiGunZ. I hosted and coded for EpicGunZ, and played on several other private servers like DarkGunZ and DemonicGunZ. I was known for being uber pro on K-Style and for regrettably creating hacks for the game. With that being said, I am really dissapointed that K-Style is not longer being supported. I wish GunZ: The Duel was re-established so I could at least remember the joy of K-Styling. With that being said, I hope I can reunite with players from GunZ: The Duel.


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R.I.P K-Style

Well, too bad for you mate.
K-Style needs to come back in essence. Just remove the defensive aspect to it and we're golden, however I don't think anybody is getting anything at the moment. Q4 of 2013 was when we were told beta would be but it's mid-November and not a peep has been heard of it yet.

Froweey K-Style made Gunz 1 as did the quest mode, but the opponents are here trying to convince us that K-Style was "nothing more" than a glitch and that the reputation, addictive learning curve, and the "song" that K-Style was to a fighting stance were nothing as well.

Just letting you know here that there are still many who support the aspects of K-Style that made Gunz 1 live as long as it did (the Learning Curve, Rhythm Mastery and reputation aspects all turned into the romance that was the first game)...

See you around here, I'll still be giving Gunz 2 a try, there have been a few builds I've seen where the pace seems very good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iJAojUM8B8#t=25s
Blubber hit on everything pretty well there, there are a bunch of us from the original GunZ releases arguing in favor of K-style, even myself, though I hardly used the standard styles of the "pros" myself. (I preffered void step and the basic butterfly technique)

Current word seems to be that of distaste for the new GunZ, poor results of CBT and the like.

For my end, I'd love to see the reinstatement of GunZ: The Duel combat mechanics, just with a bit of polish; hit box/registration improvements, animation smooting, etcetera...
Stuff that would keep the playstyle fast, but force people to be a bit more tactical than just running in an killing someone because they can't avoid your damage. Essentially, keeping tip slashing viable, but full guard bypassing would be out.

I digress...Always a pleasure to see another older player, here's hoping Maiet make something we'll all enjoy as well as the first.
What?! No K-Style? I mean come on. That was what made GunZ. All those glitchy moves, animation cancellations.. Now they changed game into class/skill based game. In the old times skill was ours to take. No fancy shifting-hammer kind of bats, no minigun-wielding-shield-carrying brutes.

We were the skill, we made the game. We made it happen, used our tricks. We do not need hotbar keys or things like that!(There might be a hotbar key or not, no sure) But still I will cherish my memories and my friends, althought we are not in touch anymore. I feel like shedding tears right at this moment. It is a bit sad that be seen we have to pass to torch. Be seeing you guys in GunZ 2, I will give a chance to it.

My best regards to all the old generation duellers out there.
-An old dog goes by the name of Neko-Inglor.
I got into the cbt 1 for the eu launch gunz 2 wasnt to bad to learn dashings abit easier to do other then that theres only 1 thing i noticed that u can do it gunz 2 in regards to the kstyleing days and thats light step other then that i havent been able to really try anything else
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