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Motion controls
I watched the videos and talk about using motion controls for the game.

Will there be the option to use mouse and keyboard or a normal console controller(i.e. an Xbox 360 controller) for the game?
Since in the first video I saw the player pushing his chair back several times to use the awkward controller while sitting down, and motion controls are incapable of performing as exact operations as button presses on a controller. I prefer to sit while I play; not stand, not jump, and not dance around swinging my arms in the air.

The PlayStation's original Bushido Blade did a magnificent job of 3D Sword Fighting for 1997's technology and using a console controller. Hopefully this project will not let itself be bogged down by making gimmicky motion controllers mandatory, and add full support to console controllers as an option.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on scabs; 3.6.2013 kello 18.22
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I most deffentlly will buy this game if its for the wii (not wii U) or 360, but it better be good motion controls!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on solfinder; 7.4.2013 kello 12.36
Subutai Corporation  [kehittäjä] 7.4.2013 kello 11.21 
Right now we are supporting the Razer Hydra and mouse/keyboard. In the near future we will start adding additional controllers as we are able.

We have found that pushing one's chair back a bit from the desk and sitting on the edge of the chair to be the most effective way to play. Or standing, but when standing it is easier to accidentally move too far forward or backwards and thus getting out of calibration as the Hydra has no depth sensing. Future plans include using a webcam to detect depth.

Playing with mouse/keyboard is currently slightly limited compared to the Hydra in the ability to modulate the angle of your cuts, but we are working on that. The Hydra has the advantage of blending IK movement (exactly what you are doing) with the animated movement, so it is much more flexible than the purely animation driven keyboard experience. But for those that don't want to purchase a peripheral, it is a great option.
solfinder lähetti viestin:
I most deffentlly will buy this game if its for the wii (not wii U) or 360, but it better be good motion controls!
The 360 doesn't have any good motion controls available--the Kinect is somewhat imprecise. Even if it were more precise, a swordfighting game ought to require holding something.
I don't own a Razer Hydra, so I can't comment on its precision, but I will assume the developers have done their homework when selecting it. That said, I appreciate the mouse option, since I already have that, and holding a mouse is at least vaguely similar to holding a sword.
IcEye 12.4.2013 kello 15.06 
Since the Hydra works by a different principle than its console counterparts - something about shifting magnetic fields, I guess those combined with the more common gyroscopes and accelerometers - it is at least said to work much more precise than those metioned console alternatives.

I'm still waiting for mine, the damned thing is on sale right now - or rather I found a Link to a coupon-site for it in the Clang Comments on Kickstarter that just might be still active, I think it's till the end of the month - and backordered.

I really can't imagine playing this with mouse&Keyboard even having two controllers instead of one solid sword-hilt might feel weird at first.
But then again, I'll just duct-tape the controllers to a sword and possibly ruin my monitor while playing... ok that plan still needs some work.
Psycho 12.4.2013 kello 21.59 
Razer needs to get on-board with this and co-promote it. Either help out Subutai Corp. with development, and pack it in as a freebie, or offer a voucher discount to purchasers of Clang.

It's a bit of a Catch-22. No-one will buy a game for which they don't have the proper controller, and no-one will buy a lame-duck controller (how's those MS Sidewinder Strategic Commanders going nowadays?) with nothing to play it with.

Look to Occulus Rift as an example of how to do this right. The thing isn't even available for retail, yet every man and his dog wants one and developers are lining up to suport it.
Sgt.Psycho lähetti viestin:
...and no-one will buy a lame-duck controller (how's those MS Sidewinder Strategic Commanders going nowadays?) with nothing to play it with.
The Hydra works pretty well as essentially an "air mouse" with pretty much any first-person shooter or game (assuming that you take the time to properly configure it). I don't even use the Hydra to play any "motion control games;" I just use it to play regular shooters like Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Amnesia, Warframe, etc.

I think Razer does need to advertise the fact more that it can work with virtually any PC game out there. A more noob-friendly program to customize your controls would also help.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Staticks; 29.4.2013 kello 7.29
No first person option? :(
IcEye 8.5.2013 kello 13.51 
Without proprioception and "feeling" the blade you need some more input to get a sense of range and blade position relative to the avatars body. Only third person gaming can provide that.
apart from working on a sword fighter game. that makes them differ from other good sword fighters like Chivalry medieval warfare. Is they are focusing on improving a new technology of a motion device like PS3 move or WII Nintendo motion capture device.

My guess is they want to improve on the already existing tech of razer-hydra, which is extremely accurate but also extremely short range of 1-2M, an so want to improve the range of this tech.

Xefjord 3.6.2013 kello 16.07 
I am quite excited for its use of Razer Hydra controls and I feel that it will compliment the game well. I just wish more people knew about the Razer Hydra and its possibility's for gaming. Hopefully when this great game sets off it will help drag publicity towards the Hydra as well.
Thank you very mutch. I'll be wait another controllers, with more place for manevres. While i'll game with Razer Hydra !
El Topo 16.7.2014 kello 15.19 
Looks really interesting. But I'd rather play this with mouse and keyboard.
Looks cool
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