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Tower of Guns
I was just playing for about two hours non-stop, and after many deaths I've come to a few conclusions:
1. It's a really great game with some crazy possible weapon combinations and a bunch of items that I want to learn what they do
2. Either I'm exceptionally bad (very real possibility) or the game is very rather difficult
I found myself dying quite a bit, and levelling down the guns when you get damaged is practically like adding insult to injury. Don't get me wrong, its a great mechanic, but as you start hemmorahging health you also do less and less damage, which makes bare survival quite complicated.
One wall I always run into (figuratively of course) is the spike ball launchers. The amount of death I can attribute to being stuck in a corner trapped by spike balls I have surely lost track of. Maybe something to look into with the spike balls(?), but overal this game is a great experience. Love the art, a lot of consistent action, and with still more to come I have very high hopes for this game.
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blankslatejoe  [développeur] 18 août 2013 à 6h50 
Hey RealRohypnol - Thanks for pre-ordering! Difficulty is a weird thing--some people say its WAAY too hard, and others find it to be super easy..I DO want it to be a pretty hard to beat game, but regardless, I still have a lot of balancing work to do, obviously.

As for the weapon leveling, you're right, it does make bare survival a lot more complicated. There's a lot I like about the system...but like everything in ToG, will be tuned repeatedly all the way to completion.

As for the spikeball launchers--I'm using them less and less as I make different kinds of enemies. You can shoot the spikeballs away in this build, which at least gives you some kind of defense. But yeah, I'll be lowering their fire rates and making them spawn slightly less often.

Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!
Psycho 30 août 2013 à 19h25 
I didn't find it too difficult, the AI is pretty dumb so as long as you keep moving, you're fine. Vampire mod probably made it very easy for me.

Thanks for the change to the spikeball launchers. While they're annoying, being able to shoot the balls is fine, and there's usually plenty of cover to hide in from them anyway.
blankslatejoe  [développeur] 30 août 2013 à 20h28 
Oh yeah, that mod is a biiit OP right now. I also may not ever make the AI very smart--ToG is a bit more horde/swarm, based, and I plan on having armies of dumb/predictable mobs (that get faster/tougher) rather fewer, but more unpredictable, enemies on screen.
Psycho 28 sept. 2013 à 20h33 
Much harder in 0.56 now. Enjoy!

With power down, basically as long as you're killing things and not being hit very much, it doesn't matter. After a while you're maxed out and just topping up the gun. If you're powering down a lot then either you're in endless mode high-level, or you need to practise more evasion/hiding. Try circle-strafing one way, then the other. Once you have powerups, you can add vertical strafing and ledge-jumping/parkour to the mix. They'll never see it coming. :)

Another thing you can do is clustering and choke-busting. For moveable enemies run in inwards spirals, drawing them into a clump firing continuously into the centre (works best with mines or shotgun). For non-moving enemies you can often do the same, or strafe left-right/up/down while you target one to break the choke. Once behind them, most turrets can't turn to shot you. Give them some volleys up the rear.
I think there are two tower who need attention in the balance category, in my opinion at least. It's the "Spike-Ball-Towers" as well as the "Purple-Homing-energy-Ball-Thing-Towers". Both of them can be quite annoying, the Spike Balls really go anywhere, and even if I shoot them (which is rather difficult with the gun I like to use^^) the balls just go everywhere and sometimes they confuse me so much that I just run into one that is already laying on the floor. I think the "less flying spike balls idea" is very good, because dodging them seems not so difficult if they approach in smaller numbers...

The Homing Energy Towers however seem to be overpowered, and i mean not a little bit overpowered, they do a ton of damage, are faster than the players average speed (I think so at least) and follow me even around corners where I try to lure them into the walls...BUT the homing bullets would maybe not be very much of a problem, if you could shoot them out of the air or something. if you could concentrate your fire on them to take the ball out before it gets to you, that would be a huge deal, because you can avoid it this way, but the turret/tower still had a use in distracting you with its arttack while other towers can shoot you. if you dont be careful of course, the ball still hits you right in the butt and does damage...
Toxic_Nightmare3 a écrit :
I think there are two tower who need attention in the balance category, in my opinion at least. It's the "Spike-Ball-Towers" as well as the "Purple-Homing-energy-Ball-Thing-Towers". ...

Good points.

There's a good thread on balancing spikeballs in the forum[www.forum.towerofguns.com].

Video of me getting hammered into a corner and then unable to defend myself.

Blankslatejoe's mentioned several times that the purple homers are OP and he's working on a fix for game balance. More discussion[www.forum.towerofguns.com]
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