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Tower of Guns
Random level compositing
I was wondering how the actual level is done inside UDK, it would be cool if you could share the process.Are you streaming levels or are the rooms made up of a number of static meshes that you create on runtime via kismet or code?
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I'd be happy to share a bit of the process, although it's not very impressive. Of note: I'm an environment-artist-turned-scripter, and although gameplay scripting is simple enough to do, true procedural room generation is still a bit beyond me (hence me calling it "random compositing" and not "procedural generation"). However, I can CRANK out levels like crazy, since that's relies on skills I've been using for years and years. So... the rooms in ToG are all handbuilt, and then a slot-machine style of randomization determines what the player gets for each room. Sometimes I break up rooms into sub elements that I stream in, which further randomizes the room, and then on top of the level generation there are many different mob population sets per room, with varying degrees of hand crafted and randomized variations so the rooms feel fresh. Likewise, any level pickups are randomized too, such as those found in secrets. All in all, the process is primitive and a bit 'brute force', but really allows me to focus on the things I know I can pull off. It's actually led to a nice result where the player naturally improves as they learn room layouts (which aligns with a core experience I was targetingr: player improvement through system knowledge in addition to just raw skill improvement). Anyway, although the system has limits it should get people their money's worth.
Thanks for the reply,I'm an aspiring enviro artist and I'm inspired by the work your doing with TOG.I really like the randomness aspect of the game not to mention the very cool art style and the raw fun of shooting stuff and hug bots :).Goodluck and looking forward to more TOG thanks
As a player I can certainly say that it's a really interesting and exciting game design. For most games, once you've played through the level a few times, you've learned it all, and there's nothing new, so replayability suffers.

With Tower of Guns, all the enemies are random, so are your gun and mobility upgrades as well as your special items, not to mention the sequence of levels. Sometimes you will get a real easy sequence, other times you will be handed a nutcracker way before you're ready for it.

When the game hands you lemons, you don't squeal 'unfair!' you make lemonade. With ridiculous firepower.
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Показані коментарі 13 із 3
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