Team Fortress 2
Lucky Fellow's Fancy Topper
Name Suggestions
Since our suggestions for a new name are being drowned out by other comments, why don't we put them here, where they'll be easy to see?
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My idea?
The Leprachaun's Lawn-Topper.
You can edit comments in a discussion, you know.
Gadget  [Разработчик] 16 мар. 2013 в 9:26 
I like those suggestions so far.
Here's another one that got posted as a comment by Mehhh:
"The Lucky 4"
I'd actually like to point out that, as an Irish person, St. Patrick actually used the 3 leaf clover instead of the 4 on the item. Still though, very good work Gadget! Love to see this in game, and maybe distrubuted for St. Patrick's next year!
@BlackMageMario I'd actually like to point out, as a real Irish person, St. Patrick actually used a three leafed shamrock -.-
lucky man's high-header?
It looks like a lepurchaun-ish gibus hat, no thanks.
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Сообщения 110 из 10
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