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Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
Virtual Pool 4
Er... When?
Honestly, what's taking so long in getting this game to Steam?

I'm absolutely assuming you're going to miss Christmas with this. That seems stupid for e game that is "out" but just needs some Greenlighting. Hell the fact that you still haven't got ordinary online play up and running properly is quite scary, in fact (which is worrying in itself. I can only assume that you don't have the infrastructure and resources in place to handle online play - which in this day and age of on-demand cloud servers is pretty hilarious, and something that even small indie studios are handling perfectly - and the thing that would help immensely with that? Well, Steam integration...).

The greenlight page still says 8/2013 for the release date.

So glad I didn't buy into this when it first appeared on Greenlight. Such a shame for such a "certain" buy on Steam when (if?) it ever comes out.

Seriously, what's the explanation? How far from a Steam release (even one where matchmaking can be tacked on later as a patch / DLC option) are we? What's the hold-up? Steam? Your guys? Paperwork? Unfinished code? Or just plain "not started on that yet"?

Damn well Virtual Pool 5, or some serious competitor, will be out before you manage it at this rate.
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Games on greenlight need to be voted up by the community in order to be greenlit and promoted to the steam store. It's far from automatic. I love this game but it is a niche, poorly marketed title. Without the votes its not getting on steam (and thus any kind of Steamworks). The online (whenever it's released) might kickstart things but who knows.
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That seems stupid for e game that is "out" but just needs some Greenlighting.
Unfortunately, that is the way it is now.

Unless a company already has a presence on steam, the only way to get a game onto the service is to go through the GreenLight process.

We'll just have to wait until Virtual Pool 4 gets enough votes/comments/followers that Valve decides it has reached the level of demand to approve it.

So if you want Virtual Pool 4 on steam...tell your friends to vote for it.
I don't buy it.

Go through the greenlight indie titles - most of them are from no-name publishers which have never put anything on Steam before (and don't even go through Greenlight / get many votes at all). It's got nothing to do with number of votes or anything else.

It's purely to do with when the game is "ready" to go on Steam - and with their recent announcement of online DLC/credits in order to take part in tournaments, we have our real answer - Steam don't like you doing that with Steam games. You either use the Steam store for those things, or you don't include them. That was the whole row with EA and if EA can't convince Steam otherwise, Celeris aren't going to do it.

If indie bundle titles (and even debut bundles) can get on Steam quicker than Celeris can put VP4, I can only put the blame on Celeris for that.
Source, Celeris forum:

"The server side of things is what is being worked on and is being heavily tested so that Celeris are happy that it can cope with larger number of visitors to the vp4 lobby when it does go to Public Beta.

Delays are part of game development,the difference here is that Celeris are not under the same pressure they were to get vp3 released because they are not working to a publishers deadline like they were when Interplay were involved.
As a consequence of that vp3 was released way before it was a finished game as it was still crammed full of bugs.

VP4 has had extensive bug tracking and fixing and the testers are all happy that it plays pretty darn good,but it cant be played through a Server that isnt 100 percent stable."

Release early january !
So they need to do server checking for a beta? That beta is going to last how long exactly? I think they misunderstand why Beta / Bug-testing is actually timed for much longer periods.

Given that the first preview on this page was back in March, the release date was supposed to be August, and they've just missed Christmas with nary a word said, I reckon that actual *steam* versions won't be making January either.

Either way - I'll pop back at the end of Jan and see how we're going, eh?

P.S. Maybe they should get Interplay back.

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Public Beta is partially open.
pooljunky  [Разработчик] 3 мар. 2014 в 18:03 
Ledow, you are confusing the offline and online releases. Offline was release August 2012. We assumed we would be Greenlit with that, we have not been. The holdup is Steam no Celeris.
"Either way - I'll pop back at the end of Jan and see how we're going, eh?"

Yeah, seems I was right again.

pooljunky: I just don't believe that they are silent and that there's no reason for the holdup. At worst, they've told you what they don't like and you need to change it but that's taken OVER 7 months now? Or are you saying that you let Steam silently ignore you for seven months against your own business plans?

It just smells of something bad when, during that time, hundreds of games have been greenlit, the vast majority of them without a brand name like Virtual Pool, and an awful lot of them indie tat (there's some wonderful games, don't get me wrong, but looking through this list: http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=228033300 there's a lot of indie tat and that's JUST the February greenlit titles.

I realise you're probably under NDA but blanket-blaming Steam when you're the ones making promises and fixing release dates just sounds like buck-passing to me. At worst, you should have just stopped giving dates until you were sure.

As in my first post: "The greenlight page still says 8/2013 for the release date."
And the last update to that page was back in October (6 months?)

I'm a great fan. The second this comes out on Steam, you have my money. I still play Virtual Pool Hall and just gave a copy to a friend who I'd promised that VP4 would be Steam-ified soon and - months-later - still waiting so I gave them what I still consider to be the best pool/snooker game on Windows that you can play networked.

But I don't believe that it's literally just Steam, sitting on your game, doing nothing, not saying a word, for six months that you can't be bothered to update us. And not for a franchise like Virtual Pool. Smaller games have gone through greenlight quicker and even big-name titles like various Flashback remakes and Dragon's Lair. I don't believe the hold-up can be *just* Steam sitting on their laurels.

You are doing something wrong. And you need to find out what it is.
pooljunky  [Разработчик] 5 мар. 2014 в 21:58 
Guess you don't really know what it is like to deal with Steam. I'm not under NDA, they have not Greenlit it. Instead of second guessing, poorly I might add, why don't you ask Steam. You probably have as good a chance of talking to somebody there as we do. We had our meeting with them before Greenlight was active, they said no, this is not the kind of game our players want. So yes, I think it is just Steam.

I appreciate all of our fans and your post shows you care about VP4. The only thing I can suggest it tell all your Steam friends to vote Yes for VP4.
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