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Private & Public Beta Feedback
Please provide your feedback on the game in this forum. We will be monitoring this thread and making updates and adjustments to the game based on user experience and feedback.

Thanks for your support of Gravi.
Hashbang Games Team
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Game was fun and I definitely died a lot, especially trying to get some of the "collectibles". However, I did eventually beat all ten levels and collect all collectibles in about thirty minutes, so I worry that 40 levels may not provide much gameplay. Thus, the $6-8 asking price seems a bit high for what the game provides. I could be wrong, but based on my initial impressions, it seems like a $5 game tops. Most puzzle platformers of this nature would typically tout 100 levels or more. I'm not telling you to add 60 more levels because I commend you for not simply adding fluff to the game, but it's curious.

That being said, I love the aesthetics. The detail in each level is great and the perspective, farther than most platformers, works quite well. The controls are pretty good. It's a little hard to control at times, seeming a bit too sensitive, but that can reasonably be chalked up to you trying to resemble the physics of a ball, so I can live with it. I like how you handle new techniques - with a video-like tooltip. However, I didn't quite understand the right-click move, and even after using it (or trying to), I can't quite figure out it's true purpose, as even the place it told me to use it, I could pass with the left-click one.

Lastly, the one thing I do have a question about is the resolution - the max resolution I could select was 1600x900. It worked quite well windowed, but I usually like to play my games fullscreen at native res. Are there plans to support common resolutions like 1680x1050, 1920x1080, and 1920x1200?
Just so you know, though I may have sounded critical above, just providing some constructive feedback since you asked. I actually quite enjoyed it - enough to feature you in this week's OCC Steam Greenlight Spotlight: http://www.overclockersclub.com/news/33887/

I wish you lots of luck!
ClayMeow, Thanks so much for your review. Totally awesome. I sent you an email privately so you can play the full version. I'm not sure why you can't play higher resolutions windowed, that doesn't happen on my computer, so we will need to investigate that. Right click has a lot more to it than just getting in tight places and if you get a chance to play the full version that I invited you to play, you'll get a great sense of what right click is for. Just to elaborate, right click shoots off part of yourself which does make you smaller, 3 small maters in the same spot will combine, you can also sticky them to objects in later levels where you can use your influence to move objects. It can be used to make you move faster and slower as well which you'll find out really quick in chapter 2.

Thanks again and we are so glad you enjoyed playing our game Gravi.
Thanks, Marco! Definitely sounds like right-click is used for a lot in the game, so looking forward to trying it out!
Just completed the game, found some bugs recently:
- When you press the ESC button to put the menu and then you go back to the game, I am unable to do anything (except move), to fix that I had to choose the level again.
- When you press the G button (Top left corner) it counts as a normal click and it launches the... stuff.
- When you roam around Levels categories (2,3,4) pressing Play doesn't start the game (Fix I found was going back to category 1 and pressing Play again)
- As ClayMeow said, I found it a little sensitive when trying to move short distances.
- On the levels category, the level 30 shows a white square. Level 38 on the pic shows the same white square, and, when I put the mouse there, it says level 35 on the pic and shows the same pic as level 35, also it says level 37 on the description. Level 40 on the pic says level 36 and shows the respective pic of level 36, when I put the mose over it, it says level 39 and shows the same pic as level 39. (I can upload some pics if you want to)

Well, those were all I found. Its a really good game, I loved it! I will probably buy it =). My only hope is to see you release more levels! =P.

Sorry if you didn't understand something, English isn't my native language, if you don't understand something I'll try to explain with other words.
Thanks. Some of these items have been fixed. The menu has been completely redone, so those issues have gone away as well. Great feedback and thanks for reporting those issues you found.
No problem! I will probably buy this game soon, good luck!
you can send emails to services@hashbanggames.com and we will recieve them.
I got the sample on Desura and am quite impressed. I got hold of this Game from a post on the AFB forums from a post put up. I keep checking on here to see if its up on steam yet and i dont see what they are waiting for but its frustrating not being able to get this game already. Other than it being a bit sensitive even after adjusting the settings im still happy with the demo. Im sure a bunch of the other guys on our server have voted for you as well like I have. Good luck on getting it on steam.
Controller doesn't work? Which controller does this game support? I am using Rumblepad 2 and the game doesn't seem to recognize it.
@zeroxxx, that issue is fixed and will be released in our next patch. It's taken longer than expected to get the patch released, but I am hopeful that we will have it released by Monday 6/3.
Thank you, looking forward to it.

I assume us Desura purchasers can expect to update it from there?
@zeroxxx, yes that is correct.
Thank you kindly. I hope your game gets greenlit.
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