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The Sandbox
kozec 5. mars, 2013 @ 11:29
Microtransactions comming to Steam?
I tryed this one on android and uninstalled it right from main menu. There are price tags even on scenario selection.

I would pay few euros for game like this, but only for full game with one, final price. Will be this thievish system used even on PC?
Sist redigert av kozec; 5. mars, 2013 @ 11:32
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nosfex 5. mars, 2013 @ 14:27 
Hey Kozec! As part of the development team, I want you to know that the game will be micro transaction free. If you have any suggestions, let us know!
kozec 5. mars, 2013 @ 22:33 
Well, I cannot say that I'm not surprised. But it's pleasant surprise :)
Thanks for Your answer.
Hinsonator 6. mars, 2013 @ 0:59 
they have always been there since TF2 went F2P
awildjake 7. mars, 2013 @ 6:41 
They are in Dota 2 aswell, nothing new
N 2 0 2 8. mars, 2013 @ 14:25 
@Hinsonator and Mr. Hipster: He was referring to The Sandbox specifically.

In other news, I'm excited to hear that this game is coming to Steam, and even more excited that it doesn't have any iap. I deleted this off of my iPhone after a week or two due to running out of free things to do. I just want to let the devs know that I will be buying this game because of the lack of iap.
thanks :)
CPT Swearword 9. mars, 2013 @ 2:40 
I posted No. While there are F2P games with micro transactions on steam, those games in question are full of gameplay without having to spend a dime. Fully fleshed out games with depth. I played this game on my iphone, and immediately deleted it once I saw how much I'd have to pay to actually play it.

I can't support a game that has been "Published" already by both Apple/Android in steam's greenlight system. This goes against the spirit of Greenlight on Steam.
wavy sauce 10. mars, 2013 @ 0:03 
what is the final price you guys will agree on? or will it be f2p like the mobile one?
elliogotchi 14. mars, 2013 @ 14:01 
no... please no micro-transactions!!!
shakey2 2. mai, 2013 @ 21:10 
read the first response guys -_-
NiNzA-KuRRe 22. juni, 2013 @ 21:21 
If this will be on 3 euros ill buy it! Its nice on android! but yea those micro transactions sucks, but ill understand, its the 1 way to get money for developing :)
Dat Dan 18. juli, 2013 @ 22:07 
Judging from the previous comments, I'll skip this one. I've wasted enough of my life on games that just keep asking for money instead of providing a fun experience.
The Sandbox  [utvikler] 16. feb., 2014 @ 2:27 
Hello everyone

Steam Exclusive Features
The Steam PC version of The Sandbox is a Premium adaptation of Pixowl’s famous HIT! No microtransactions, the player will unlock access to all the elements by playing. This Steam Version of our World builder Game propose all the basic elements and the 7 original campaigns to explore: Initial Story, Dinosaurs, Pixel Art, Music, User-Created, Lasers and pipes, Contraptions...

A few thrilling features of the PC version:
  • Exclusively on Steam, the new HD FREE MODE allows to craft virtual worlds in x4 the resolution of mobile version!
  • Ultra-precise controls with mouse, trackpad or touch support (for touch-screen only)
  • Windowed display or fullscreen mode
  • Cloud saving of your progression online and syncing across multiple PCs via with Steam Cloud
  • Cross-platform compatibility of your worlds: create on PC, view on Mobile or vice-versa
  • Access to the Online Gallery with more than 500,000 creations

We thank you in advance for your support :)
Sist redigert av The Sandbox; 16. feb., 2014 @ 2:28
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