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Early Builds: Who else got into a trance?
Very few games get me so immersed that I cannot think of anything else.
The kickstarter build did. At one point, I didn't hear myself singing, I didn't feel myself singing, yet my body took over, and it was doing it. My mind was now the swirling colors, and the choir of tones and voices washing over me. And then, after what seemed like an eternity I pressed ESC.

Now that the builds are bigger, and more reactive, I find myself getting into this state easier. I'm excited to see what the final version looks like, and I desperately want to try it with an Oculus.

Anybody else have similar experiences?
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RAGameSound  [desenvolvedor(a)] 24/set/2013 às 14:44 
OH MAN! I'm so glad you've had such a powerful experience with it. :-) Thank you for playing.

Can you do me a favor... just to humor me? Can you try to describe what you experienced? Is it even possible to do so? I've always found it really difficult (like describing hunger to somebody who hasn't experienced hunger)
PurpleMoustache 24/set/2013 às 16:59 
It was a while ago (build made public during the Kickstarter), but I'll try my best.

It was about my 3rd time playing it, and I was trying to play it frequently due to the feeling it gave me. Despite being in a school choir, I can only really sustain 3 tones for a solid amount of time, the others waver.

So I typically switch between those tones. At some point, the music became a choir of those tones, and my head felt kind of locked on the screen. The colors swirled in a perfect spirograph, and I felt like the visuals, the music and me were one. My mouth was open, I know that, but I didn't feel sound coming out, yet there was. I kinda just fell into the sound, and it lifted me to a feeling I have never had before.

It is kinda like trying to explain hunger, to someone who has never had hunger. But it was almost like a religious experience, which to me is like the hunger example. It just made me feel alive.

I'm super excited to see the final version and how it will expand on that feeling. Also I need to get an Oculus...
RAGameSound  [desenvolvedor(a)] 26/set/2013 às 10:51 
Oh wow! That's wonderful

"I felt like the visuals, the music and me were one"

That is *precisely* the feeling we're aiming to produce. I'm so so glad you had that experience, it's really affirming to what we're doing.

But yeah... it is really difficult to explain. I think you've done a pretty good job there, as good a job as I ever have and I've been working on this thing for... a while.

The new build is much much more powerful, Oculus or not. :-)
SwampMonster 31/mar/2014 às 18:40 
I got the alpha and played with the Rift DK1. I'll reserve final judgement until the final product, but I can't say I "got it". Initially I was confused that head tracking wasn't working, then realised it just wasn't a feature, that's fine as I guess its not a big deal for this experience. Secondly, I felt that my voice wasn't being reflected enough, which may be an issue with my mic. I could indeed notice the reflected sound changing as I went up and down in tone, but it wasn't heaps obvious. I also felt that some of the visuals were perhaps overboard for the Rift - the spinning in particular made me close my eyes. By the end I couldn't say I had any of the great effects other people experienced, though it was certainly interesting. Looking forward to future versions! I'd like to request some kind of mic boosting/audio sensitivity option if possible. Thanks!
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