Ця гра тепер доступна у Steam!

Дякуємо за те, що допомогли цій грі потрапити до крамниці Steam. Детальнішу інформацію, в тому числі посилання на сторінку в крамниці, ви можете знайти нижче.

Greenlight виводиться з ужитку. Для отримання додаткової інформації про надсилання ігор у Steam посилайтеся на цей допис.
iRacing dropping subscription based system
Would that attract more people to iRacing? I think they should just give up on charging people for connecting to their service and just keep the b2p tracks and cars. Many extra people would get hooked into iRacing if they believed they owned the game instead of just leasing it.
Автор останньої редакції: Zedux; 26 лют 2013 о 2:27
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I agree, IMO if they want to do this, they would need to make the included content permanently yours, useable online and off.
Obviously they've thought this through and think the current model is the best one, given how niche a product like iRacing is. But as a on-and-off subscriber I'd really like it if there was more free (as in, what you get for 'just' subscribing) content, now when I subscribe I just race the MX5, Cadillac and SRF (when it's on a track I own) and have a blast, but not the rest since I'm hesitant to spend a lot of money. But of course this is just me wanting more stuff for less money (who wouldn't?), and probably not what would make the most business sense for them as a company. Perhaps if the userbase grew a lot? Steam could certainly help in that.
Come on .. i pay $5 a month (49 a year), and i received promotions for participation program (10 each season) plus birthday (5)... its REALLY CHEAP for the quality of the service and of course for the oportunity to race almost every day with good splits... good forum activities, comunity, events (like daytona 500)... if u like motorsports and race simulation dont think 2 times... if you like arcade games, dont even try...
Sorry, subscription model is fine with me. They offer a ton of incentives for members (renewals, discounts, etc). It helps keep the 12 year olds who aren't serious out.
as long as the pricing stays the same, i will be happy.... free games and 1 off fee games have too many wreckers in them
My opinion about the current model is that i personally think it would be more awesome if you have full access with the subscription. instead of unlocking the other stuffs for more €...
totally agree with the Zedux topic
I will buy iRacing only without the annual fee, additional payment for more track/car is fine for me too

I don't understand what green light voting stands for ?
does it stand for what proposed by Zedux ?
From an iRacing staff member on their forum.

'We don't know everything about how it would work at this point. Really just want to get a conversation going with Steam.'

They are not dropping the way they operate, they just would like a little more coverage.
Free/paid can be segregated on the track. Off the track, subs can get discounts & extras. This doesn't take a sharp marketing acumen to figure out.
iRacing costs $5.00 a month or less if you know how to get the proper discount and time your renewal period. That's almost on the same level as a cup of coffee at Starbucks (OK, a Latte and a pastry). If you don't want to bother with that, it'll cost you a bit less than $8.00 a month. Again, very affordable. It's simply not an excuse not to sign up.

I don't even do most of my racing at iRacing. Because I belong to a league, but I always use iRacing in the off-season.
I don't see what's wrong with their current subscription model. The quality of the content and the service is well worth the money imo. Initially iRacing is expensive but in the long run is not actually. What I think they should do is put out a "try it out" version on Steam with maybe two cars and two tracks. If they like it then they can subscribe to iRacing.
I don't have problems with subscription models, but to me when you're playing a subscription you're paying for updates to be released. When it comes to this game I would only look at it if they picked ONE pay model - either you pay a subscription and get cars and tracks as they add them, OR you pay a one time fee that comes with an amount of cars and tracks that makes since with that fee and then pay for more cars and tracks as they're released. I think it's absurd to have to pay for the privilige of keeping a game AND continuously pay for new content.

A. No subscription fee, but charge for cars only (like simraceway and RaceRoom Racing Experience, and tons of other games in other genres do)


B. Charge subscription, but dont charge for cars/tracks/content (like tons of other games in other genres do)

But to charge for BOTH??? A subscription every month/year to play AND on top of that you still have to pay for cars and tracks, like are you kidding me??

Not to mention iracing isnt even as good as RFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa, so over rated especially considering its unbelievably ridiculous and pathetic pricing model.

Assetto Corsa and RFactor 2 already completely own iracing in terms of tyre model and overall physics, and they are still barely out (AC tech demo is out RF2 is in a sort of unofficial public beta state). RFactor 2 costs $85 ONE TIME FOR LIFE, and Asetto Corsa will be something like that too, and they both already completely destroy iracing in terms of tyre physics and overal vehicle dynamics physics, and they are only going to get better.
As an ex iRacer I can atest to the fact it is over priced. New drivers will have a tough time trying to advance in their license as you have to start out in Legends cars and there is no one racing legends anymore. Basicly you are on a track alone. Don't let people fool you by telling you that you can get off cheap. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars to get enough content to make it worth your while to even play. Between the sim and ARCA sim racing these 2 developers have basicly killed the community of sim racing.

I Have been sim racing since the days of Hawaii when it cost you a long distance phone call and modem to play online. Roughly 1992. One of the owners of iRacing is the owner of the Boston Red Sox. Does he really need more money that he has to charge an ungodly amount to do PRETEND racing?

Send a message to developers like this that you will not fleeced for your hard earned dollars.
I dunno as a person who has been subbed to iracing for 2 years, I like the overall experience. While RF2 might be better in somme ways, you dont have a community and system structured to reward players excellent driving and winning. I dont have time to be part of a team or anything like that so iracings system is ideal for me, rather than being caught in horribad public servers with grifers and bad drivers in RF2.

Anyway, I just like the system, everyone is forced to be responsible for their driving. If you are a jerk and try to ruin the experience for others, off you go. That said, I'm sure that the average racing fan will hate the responsibility and challenge that comes with iracing for the most part.
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