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Planet Explorers
Patrick Sep 5, 2013 @ 7:16pm
Youtube series: Natural History of Planet Explorers
Hello fellow Explorers, if you are on the fence about buying the game in alpha, or just waiting for it to come on steam, I've got something to help hold you over. Its a youtube series I am currently working on - with roughly weekly releases - in the style of a nature documentary about the wildlife of planet Maria.

Introductory episode -

Relationships and Classification -

Episode 1: Firebears -

I have been playing Planetary Explorers on and off since pre-alpha. What drew me to this game was how believable the fauna of maria is. I realize this is an entirely fictional video game, and the only place that we know life evolved for certain was Earth, but there is no reason to think that life on alien planets would not follow a similar trajectory (i.e. ecologically with primary producers feeding primary consumers, which are feed upon my secondary and tertiary consumers). Furthermore, there are striking incidences of convergent evolution here on earth - completely evolutionary distinct lineages evolving to look a particular way to optimally fit an ecological niche (i.e. wolves and thylacines, flying squirrels and sugar gliders).

Because I am such a huge fan of this game, and the amount of detail the creators have put into the fauna, I am starting a youtube series focusing on each animal individually, hypothesizing about its evolution, morphology and behavour (at least what can be seen of it in the game). I will also be creating a classification system, formulating hypothetical relationships between the animals to better interpret the evolutionary significance and function of their morphology.

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