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Planet Explorers
archaegeo 12 Mar, 2013 às 6:09
MMO or just Multiplayer aspects?
Will the game have 100s on a single server? (Aka Wurm Online) or will it just be single player servers with sharing of builds and such?
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Ixath 13 Mar, 2013 às 7:49 
I'm not sure about 100s of players on a single server but they just released a screenshot with 9 people playing simultaneously on one.

Not saying that 9 is the cap or anything, but that's what the screenshot had.. soo yeah, it's going to have multiplayer.
oOHuxiOo 22 Mar, 2013 às 5:38 
i think the ammount of players on one server is mainly hardware based, depending on the system they will use (p2p or regular server) and how much information the server has to send to the clients
Syrsly - Twitch 25 Mar, 2013 às 5:29 
I would say that the game will be multiplayer online and LAN. That's just a guess, though.

Edit: Multiplayer online does not mean MMO. It means LAN over the internet or via servers.
Última alteração por Syrsly - Twitch; 25 Mar, 2013 às 5:31
Micheal 25 Mar, 2013 às 16:10 
There is also single player for those that don't like to play with others...
QuaziPance 14 Abr, 2013 às 15:50 
They have said for sure that they will have user created servers (like minecraft, terriara, etc.), so I'm sure that some large gaming groups/guilds will end up hosting huge servers (again, like in minecraft). Not sure about the devs hosting large scale servers of their own though.

EDIT: They actually do mention wanting to make some of their own servers to host games. It is one of the goals of the kickstarter. They do not mention size though (probably as big as they can afford).
Última alteração por QuaziPance; 14 Abr, 2013 às 16:06
<Szatesz> 30 Jun, 2013 às 14:09 
I hope its will be a mmo and not just a game with multiplayer options , its can be mmo even without open world , ppl join up servers and we should have xp to level up so we can earn acces with better weapons and gear like in sotry mode u first only can craft from wood , so my idea as u level up u can craft from better resources , ppl join servers and collect resources , make bases and there should be beacons with levels for examle beacon lvl 1 only makes low level creatures to attack your base and so on... as the building how can we defend agints our base from trolls who's want to ruin what we have created? passworldable servers or like in Stronghold crusader rts game u only can build near your base so everybody in the sever have a place where they can build whatever they want and can't destroy other's work , but the best would be this with an option u can allow others to build in your base so if somebody start trolling in your base u just unallow for him , sorry for my english its not the best
Entropy 8 Ago, 2013 às 6:39 
It's already sp and mp and semi mmo openworld, with the precedural generated world map, which will eventually be an infinite world (to the limit of the hardware handling it) They might be adding npcs to the adventure mode world generation, i found it hard to survive being spawned in the middle of dangerous forest with barely any clue if theres any survivors or bases somewhere around ^.^
But i will collect resourrces dig my tunnels (in case big things chase me) and get eveerything needed to survive in that huge map. That same randomly generated seed is mp, bases can be built.
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