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Planet Explorers
Hmm... Map limited? Invisible wall?
I keep hitting a invisible wall in the forest, is the map still very small?
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TaoRaven 7 maj, 2013 @ 18:09 
each new alpha release opens the map up a little further, and extends the story a bit more.

Think of it as adding chapters to the game, more or less.
Ok, thanks. I thought since it is in Alpha, then they probably do not have all of the outside of the testing area complete.
One question, what if I donate? Do I get to test the whole map that they have finished, and play story?
Eilyk 11 maj, 2013 @ 22:45 
Sir Yosef, I am Malus Tepes, a Moderator on the Pathea Forums. Allow me to further explain to help you out. I am quite sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

Currently, the Alpha build is .53 which the main goal is to test the Current Regions. On monday, the .55 Alpha will drop for Multiplayer Play. This will allow them to test Multiplay play on Servers in Generated maps. How that will work is still quite anonymous for a lot of us. However, once .60 Alpha drops, the game will get an Automatic Updater, and the coder who's working on that automatic updater is also their NPC Coder for questing and that. So, things are a bit bumpy since he's devoting time to that job.

I will tell you that once the .60 Alpha drops Later this month, or maybe in early June, that the game will no longer be Free to Play. Those who have Donated to the Kickstarter or their Paypal extended campaign will get complete Alpha Access. I can also tell you the Full Alpha story mode map won't even be open until likely later into the builds. I would guess around the .9 Alpha or even not until the Beta. This is because the fauna and wildlife isn't done yet for these regions. Meaning, if they let us freely explore, it'd just be barren, or have repeating life and animals that would make it seem bland and boring.

I do hope you enjoy the game however.
Ok, thank you. I thought that it was blocked off because it was still in Alpha.
Eilyk 14 maj, 2013 @ 11:32 
Oh no. The ENTIRE island is nearly done. You can get out of the wall with a few tricks. However, the monster spawn will be as Plains, except way more Red Karona's. There will be very little fauna and NO unique materials. The only metals and rare stones are in the current Alpha Walling. The regions past the wall are only basic areas. The rivers there don't have water yet. The area will receive major renovations once they start seriously working on it.
Ok, thank you for the help.
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