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Planet Explorers
Few things I'd like to see improved
I watched some youtube videos of the gameplay and I think I'm going to love this game once it's out. I've been looking for a game that lets you explore beautiful landscapes, forests and walk by giant beasts. This game seems to have it all.

What I didn't like were some of the animations. Some feel too stiff, although they're a marked improvement from the initial stages. For instance, when walking or running, the legs move in an almost natural way but the torso remains still, especially when holding a sword or knife. The jumping also is not credible enough IMO. The gravity is too low. I understand this is in case players end stuck in holes they dug themselves or similar situations, but maybe it can be improved.

Tree chopping and digging animations also seem unnatural and make the character feel robotic. The character feels like it experiences no weight or effort in doing the action. The animations are also a bit too slow and would break the immersion for me, at least a bit.

Also something I'd love to see is the ability to tame some animals and maybe ride others like mounts. I read you guys are trying to include a farming system, maybe you already have these ideas in mind.

Speaking of immersion, when switching between weapons or building constructions, I noticed that these functions are conveyed to the player there and then, like most games. Of course, this is a game and it behaves as such. However, I always wondered why most games (even the big budget ones) just include no explanation why a weapon disappears and is replaced by another one on the fly? Also, where do game characters place all the material they collect throughout their journey? If the game is a medieval fantasy game, developers could include an animation for the objects to go into a magical bottomless pocket. If we're talking about sci-fi, the objects could be made to teleport to some bank or something along these lines, maybe in pokeball or capsule corp style. Why do trees disappear immediately after being chopped? I'm probably asking too much at this point but I think details like these contribute to make the difference where immersion is concerned.
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Elenoe 18 févr. 2014 à 16h25 
I think you should try the demo :) The game may be a bit different then what you think it has to offer :)

Things go into inventory. That's pretty it :) The game is quite techwise, so using custom designed vehicles and flying machines over few monsters, most of them inadequate for riding.

Animations may be a bit.. simple. But that really is not that important when you play the game as you focus on results and goals more then some animations. Those are things that costs a lot of money and the game is not feature complete yet. And this game is much more about features and tools then looks right now.

The power of the game is in the building things and freedom and relaxation. At least for me :)

Try a demo, it's free.
You're right, Elenoe. I must say I received the wrong impression from online videos. The animations are fine for their setting, and the environment and everything is beautiful. For an alpha it looks fantastic.
Animations, sounds, syncing of sounds and animations, I remember these things during a0.53 and they were severely unpolished.

Most of the game worked, back then (a year ago now), so I am almost certain that these things are the reason Pathea considers their game alpha.

In otherwords, I wouldn't fear these minor imperfections are a permanent thing, they're part of the polish that the developers will very likely do a once, twice, three times over, before actually saying "It's done".
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