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AutolootGames  [desenvolvedor(a)] 19/fev/2013 às 9:17
In-game books in RPGs. Do you feel the same?
Some days ago I was talking with my teammates about a proposal to make in-game books that the player finds scattered throughout the levels a bit more compelling. I recall when I played the first rpgs and found a book. Wow! I would read them eagerly to find out more about the game world and the connections with the main story arch. After having read twenty or thirty books, my motivation from trying to find out something interesting within them would wither away.

Some books displayed disconnected stories about races or places you would never get to see, others seemed to had been created in a rush to ‘ocupy’ space just to be thrown where game designers would feel was an argumental void. I think other issue is having so many writers to create the lore of the game. Even following guidelines about what to write or not, it’s difficult to get any cohesiveness from such a mud puddle when the lore extends to the order of thousands of words. There are many correlations that will be lost along the way.

Maybe it’s also the board game mentality of trying to stuff the player with as much knowledge of the world as possible so he can roleplay parallel to the main story arch. Whatever it may, books in rpgs have been reviled and delegated to an accessory place, to say the least.

What we will attempt in the Dark Triad is to redress that. It won’t be revolution, but evolution. A logic one. I hope this small change helps avid RPG players to regain that old school thrill for discovering what a book can reveal.

Thread discussing in TDT: DD forum:
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Porn Flakes® 20/fev/2013 às 4:15 
yes yes. good stuff.
Noble Savage 22/fev/2013 às 14:11 
Elder Scrolls handled that quite well. Although some were disconnected many hinted to ingame places and treasures and even future DLC. Hopefully your books will uphold the same wit and charm. ^_^
TonyMontana 23/fev/2013 às 2:47 
Beytran70 23/fev/2013 às 3:22 
I've always thought that maybe some books in games could be more like mini-games than just books. They could take you out of the game's story and into the books for a little adventure, like books do in reality. Get away from being the Dragonborn, for instance, and read the Lusty Argonian Maid, and suddenly the game gets a higher mature content rating, hehehe. :)
Folklore 23/fev/2013 às 9:59 
I think having books in game would be great. One way to keep them interesting would be to use them as side quest material. The further along the quest you get the more the book reveals, about what happend and hints on what to do next.
Orcmother 13/mar/2013 às 17:17 
Yes, throw in some books! If they're written well they'll certainly be a good treat. I always love to have extra lore thrown at me, be it as a codex (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) or actual books (Elder Scrolls). Thinking of it, combining the two (picking up a book to add to your codex) can be tricky as it turns the physical books useless (Avadon springs to mind). Next to that, the feel of reading an actual book is lost. It would be awesome to be able to collect the books in some way though, maybe have a sort of inventory/library.

The problem of having many writers seems a non-problem to me. I mean, in the game world books would also be written by different writers. Accounts of history are never coherent and books are the prime example of that, displaying different sides of a same story. Of course there needs to be some coherence to keep things understandable and accesible, but variation in writing style and opinion would be awesome.

Also, what about poems?

PS If you're in need of any writers, I'd be glad to help ;)
Aladdin 14/abr/2013 às 11:44 
The first thing I thought about when I saw this game was The Temple of Elemental Evil PC game. Back then, the entire contents of books fit on a single page of text that could all be read on the screen. I barely recall there being many readable books then, and I'm wondering how much these books will acutally add to the game.
Really, the best way to get people to read something is to accompany it with an audio dialogue of the text. It keeps the player focused on what is actually being said while not forcing them to read the entire thing everytime you open up something with words on it.
The biggest issue witht his solution is that it takes up a huge amount of memory space, adds weeks (if not months) to development time, and can be quite expensiveto produce. So if you have the time, the people, and the means to record what you write in books, do so. Just don't forget to voice all the main NPCs as well.
AutolootGames  [desenvolvedor(a)] 14/abr/2013 às 13:28 
@aladin676: thanks for the suggestion, we would definitely love doing something like this, it will depend on how the KS relaunch goes or if we can find additional funding. Let's be optimistic! =)
Jew_Santa 24/abr/2013 às 13:24 
Obvious. Books. Lost recipes, corespondence, diaries, written myths with some true in it to discover in world of the game. Many styles. From simple folk's tales to noble poems.
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