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Vendetta Online
No Fun 6. sep., 2013 @ 19:43
Developer questions: Faction Balance, Group based content, and other questions
As a newer player ( 'Space Grapes' ) in the Serco faction it seems fairly clear that there is a large balance issue in players within the faction. While the metrics show players of each color as played per time of day, this does not account for the 'Pirates' or non-faction loyal players. Itani and UIT appear to have a much larger active nationalist player base. Do you have plans to address this?

Group based content seems to be lacking, missions for early game hunting and training make it feel more like a single player game. The grind to level 3 would be far more interesting if done with friends. Is there any intentions to add more group based content? I would find it easier to bring my friends over if I could play along side them while they grew. Cap ships seem like a step in the right direction but it is nothing that newer players can expect to participate in. Is there lower level content in the works that factor in ships manned by multiple players?

I appreciate that the travel to gray(open pvp) space is a fair distance from the new starting areas, but there are definately a lack of warning signs for new players and the frustration that can come with making the mistake of setting your home in gray space. When i started a month or so ago I experienced such frustration and if not for the other addictive aspects of the game may have given up. Luckily I didn't, but I would like to know if this is something that is being addressed to save the new players from finding out 'the hard way'.

Lastly, I have noticed over the month I have been playing that while many players take the time to read the mission and training that comes to all new players. There is a great deal of basic knowledge stuff that maybe needs further prompting and possibly more stand out set of tutorials that aid new players in some of the basics. Off the top of my head something like a temporary newbie hud until training missions are completed that provide in depth tool tips. Is this something that is in the works, or is this still evolving?

A great game over all. I think that some of these questions could certainly lead to a cleaner experience for newer players who may need their hands held through the early stages of learning the game and reduce the amount of uninstalls and simple minded remarks for those that simply 'couldn't figure it out'. Especially as you open yourself to a broader audience on a place such as steam.

Thanks again for all your hard work,
Space Grapes