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Vendetta Online
EVE Copy. Another Subscription Based Space RPG? No thanks
Why would I pay to play this when there are already free space MMORPGs out? Also they are asking for backers and stuff when they are going to sell this game for a profit? Rip off. I only support free to play games. This one is not free to play, and its subscription based. AND they want you to donate money to help them sell it to you? ROFL
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Fatal Error 7. Feb. 2013 um 7:20 Uhr 
They should make this game Free to play.

With simple cash shop items that do not grant a major advantage against other players, and they can also be purchased using in game currency at a higher price. So people don't have to spend cash.

If you release this with a cost and a fee. This game is going to die. Why? because its an EVE clone that is not as complex as eve and you are still charging for it when there are other FREE space MMORPGS out there.
annihilannic 7. Feb. 2013 um 13:47 Uhr 
This is not an Eve clone. You actuallly have to fly the ships, not just click in a point in space and watch your ship go there.
ReaperMAC 7. Feb. 2013 um 13:57 Uhr 
Try playing the trial before you actually accuse this game of being an EVE clone. It definitely plays significantly different than EVE. The only relations this game has to EVE is that it is set in Space and is an MMO.
Phaserlight 7. Feb. 2013 um 17:51 Uhr 
Do your research; Vendetta was out well ahead of Eve:

Many players (including myself) feel opposed to any sort of microtxns that grant in-game advantages. One possibility might be some sort of horizontal progression where players pay for items they normally would have under a full sub while under a "Lite" ($1/month) subscription.

The bottom line is that this game is well worth a sub price; myself and others have found it a very enjoyable experience for nearly a decade, some more. There is no need to feel threatened as an Eve player; Vendetta is a fundamentally different game. However, I find its combat holds a large amount of complexity and depth such that, even after nearly 10 years, I am still learning.
Pekmez Pita 7. Feb. 2013 um 23:12 Uhr 
What an ignorant comment to make. This game has more in common with games like Freelancer and classics like Elite than it does with EVE Online. It's clearly a twitch based, space flight simulator and not a spreadsheet simulator.

As for the business model. I agree. Subscription based MMO's are just not viable in today's market. They all either fail and/or are forced to convert to "free to play", eventually. Following ArenaNet's business model for Guild Wars would be the wiser choice. It's clearly sustainable and profitable for them as well fair to the consumer. If they go with the subscription route, they'll definitely lose interested costumers like me regardless of the quality of the game.
Fluke 8. Feb. 2013 um 6:25 Uhr 
This is out longer than eve though and the gameplay is a lot more like an FPS than eve too so its actually a lot more taxing which is awesome. The business model is important though and personally I think making this f2p would be the right choice. In game items and a trading system like D3 would work wonders for a game like this.

Also I found when playing vendetta when comparing it vs eve is the gameplay isn't as deep and that is pretty much only because the developer doesn't have enough staff to compete against them. If they had improved their graphics, made the universe bigger and adjusted their model they would instantly kill off eve because it is a better game at heart it just needs that final bit extra and a good business model.
vorot93 8. Feb. 2013 um 9:38 Uhr 
EVE is point-and-click with a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of physics. Vendetta OTOH is twitch-based with Newtonian physics. It is more like Freelancer than EVE.
If anything, this is more like Black Prophecy. Only difference between those 2 is Black Prophecy is F2P and this isn't
...And that black prophecy died last year while VO is still here
Desert Punk 9. Feb. 2013 um 10:23 Uhr 
Wait Wait wait... You want ANOTHER freemium game? What are you daft? Freemium games end up costing the player WAY more than a pay once then play game. Subscription games are still cheaper than freemium games. Think about it
WhooptyWoo 10. Feb. 2013 um 22:44 Uhr 
It better not be like Eve. That game sucked even BEFORE they sold out to Sony for Dust. What an amazing slap in the face to its own PC customers! "If you want to play the other part of our game you have to buy new hardware!" and then they expect you to buy CONSOLE hardware ...Morons.
Ursprünglich geschrieben von Fatal_xError:
Why would I pay to play this when there are already free space MMORPGs out?
there are? Where?
Also they are asking for backers and stuff when they are going to sell this game for a profit? Rip off
Well first off: They don't sell this game, they've subscriptions running, and this game is older than you are (judging by your lack of articulating yourself). Second, they want the money from the Kickstarter campaign to be able to focus on programming and advancing the game. Currently, they've to get money together most of the time instead of developing stuff. Also 100k USD is not really much.
I only support free to play games.
now you got to tell me: How does one support a 'free' game? That doesn't make sense. If a game is free, you can't support it. I guess you mean games where you've to pay for premium items? Well, fun fact: You leave more money there, while having less fun than giving GuildSoftware some money for your monthly subscription.
This one is not free to play, and its subscription based
like most quality games, duh!
AND they want you to donate money to help them sell it to you? ROFL
no, they want some bucks so they can actually focus on developing the game.

anyway: what does the Greenlight application have to do with the Kickstarter campaign? Right, nothing.
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Espionage 13. Feb. 2013 um 17:04 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von Fatal_xError:
Why would I pay to play this when there are already free space MMORPGs out?

There are? I've done extensive searching and I can't find a single F2P or P2P space MMO out there that lets you control your ship. The ONLY one ive heard of is JumpGate which I heard about because it died and we got an influx of players to VO

Care to share?
Sorry, I have not played EVE, and at this point, not sure that I want to. As others have pointedout, if you know how to stack the odds in your flavor you win the battle, just by picking the right equipment, no hand/eye skills needed. While my hand and eye condination is not that good, so my combat skills stink, I am able to do other things and enjoy the game.

How many games do you know of, from one company, can be played on a Mac, Windoze, Linux, or Android device, with plans to support iOS (iDevices) later this year? I can play this game on my phone (HTC EVO 4G V), tablet (Nexus 7), or conputer (dual-boot innto Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Win XP x64/7/8), and can pick up game play on any of them without missing a beat. So, can you play EVE on your phone or tablet? Better yet, can you do so with WoW or FF?

The company has recenty introduced a lite version for Android-based devices, and just annouced a F2P version by the end of the year if the Kickstart funding goes through, so your wish just might be granted.

You are worried about both a Kickstart pledge and a subscription? Well,make a large enough pledge and you will receive a 99 year subscription, so you need not worry about paying them one more dime if you help them reach their Kickstart goal. Some other lower pledge amounts grants you something equivaliant to 75% off subscription price.

So you voted no to VO being on STEAM because you do not like to pay for a skill-based quality game? And that helps STEAM reach a wider audiance of players, that use only Linux?
This is not an EVE knockoff. This game predates EVE by a long, long time.

EVE isn't a knockoff of this game, either. EVE is a very pretty screensaver, which is a different market than this game, which is, you know, a game. Also an FPS styled twitch combat game that supports dual joysticks so you can roll like John Woo.
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