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Vendetta Online
Petroph 12/mai/2014 às 22:42
Capital Ships
I've recently come across this game and couldn’t help but notice some pretty big battles, as well as some capital ship combat. I’ve had a few questions in regards before I decide to give the game a shot.

I know it’s been out for some time. I’ve played eve quite a lot however, just got so repetitive (Mainly Industry) and there was always the fear of the permadeath of your character if you’re not careful.

I’ve always been an avid spaceship captain in many space games. In general, I like being in command of a big ship, supporting other big ships if not bigger in big battles (Not Fighter Based)
So just some quick questions:

1. How hard is it exactly to obtain a capital ship size ship in-game? Am I talking about months and months of slaving xp and money (Such as Eve online)? Or possibly weeks if not a few days of dedicated playtime to attain a capital size ship?

2. I know there is no permadeath in this game, however does this effect ships as well? For example, say you get a capital ship and you get destroyed, are you having to slave away money to get your ship back?

3. How easy is it to get into big battles? I’ve seen videos of huge battles and some with just small skirmishes of just a few people.

Just curious as this game has caught my eye, and I’ve bumped into this game a few times, but never really inquired as to the state of the game.

I’m alway looking for that ultimate space game where you are actually control a large ship, without having to spend months if not years trying to attain a large ship. Tried many various games, but so far the X series, has been the only one where you can command pretty much anything at any size, in a reasonable amount of time (Excluding X-Rebirth).
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Dalton 13/mai/2014 às 8:07 
Best bet is to post this on actually game forums, and do free trial. I'm not experience enough in game to help you other then. When ship is blown up you can buy it back, and bet some of your addons back for a price at least things that were not custom made.
Groparu 28/jun/2015 às 9:05 
old game but devs are too lazy to implement large (capital) ships for players. boring
Phaserlight 22/jul/2015 às 14:49 
Escrito originalmente por Groparu:
old game but devs are too lazy to implement large (capital) ships for players. boring

Incorrect. You can currently manufacture and own a Trident Type M, a capital ship:

The Type S and the Type P are slated for arrival Soon(tm)
Groparu 2/ago/2015 às 2:38 
soon = in next 10 years
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