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Skullfurious 5. feb., 2013 @ 19:24
What should we expect?
One of my favorite features of other programs that have a similar use of oC, is that they provide a stabalizer that fixes the shakey input of a human hand / innacurate tablet. Will this likely be a feature in oC, or is it likely to just take direct input from tablets? How much tablet support should we expect, as well? And will it be certain brands, or will you try to support only wacom tablets?

Some other things I thought I would bring up:

Will the user interface be similar to that of older revisions of Open Canvas, or will it be completely new, or familiar in comparison to other programs like Photoshop?

Are you going to include features that are currently available in other programs, such as pasting of PNG's, JPEG's, GIF's (Not animated), Bitmaps, etc..?

Will we be able to copy the direct contents of a layer or selection to the clipboard?

What types of masking / layer effects will you provide (Multiply, Overlay, Luminosity, Color Burn, etc...)?

Can we expect community developed add-ons? Like brushes, plugins, etensions, etc..?

Will we be able to allocate more memory to the program to allow it to run faster on much larger project?

Are you going to use the full graphical power of the graphics card to make the experience as seamless as possible? Are there any brands that we should look into that you plan on optimizing it for?

Will it support multiple languages?

Will currently existing owners of the program be able to upgrade to a steam edition of the program for cheaper, or will they have to buy a brand new license to use it?

Will there be any tools that will help end-users with certain tasks, like rulers, or perspective lines?

What can we expect in terms of "unique" tools that you guys are proud of implementing?

How dynamic are the brush settings?

Will it be priced the same, or can we expect it to become cheaper, or more expensive? Will we be able to buy more than one license as well?

Thanks for reading and I'm hoping to hear back from you.
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Fontes 3. mars, 2013 @ 18:57 
I'm just a user, non affiliated with Portal Graphics in any way. But since I use OC professionally, I believe I'm qualified enough to reply to most of those.

0- Yes, there's an anti-shake function, called "Sharpen Level". Not to be confused with the sharpen filter, also included in OC. Sharpen Level works with either mouse or tablet usage. And I've tried it with both Wacom and Trust tablets successfully, so the program should work with most tablet thingies available.

1- It already kinda looks like a Photoshop with undockable UI. The shape of all the tiny windows, I mean. Works just fine, but that's just my own view, of course. Wouldn't mind dockability.

2- Supported already.

3- Supported already.

4- A screwload of 'em.

5- Brushes, Screentones and Swatches, for now.

6- Not at the moment. Would be neat.

7- CPU-only for the time being, unfortunately. That's another feature I'd like to see.

8- Only Japanese and English for now.

9- Would be nice if they simply allowed us to "paste" our key into the Steam version.

10- Already exist, and work pretty well.

11- Can't speak for Portal Graphics, but I personally find the Event feature great. A good way to learn... and an even better way to show off. XD

12- Let's put it this way: if it ain't workin' the way ye wanna, it's yer fault. ^^

13- And for obvious reasons... heck if I know. XD

Hope that cleared out some. Anything else, there's always the trial version on their website.
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Skullfurious 3. mars, 2013 @ 22:18 
Alright, thanks for answering my list of questions. =D
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