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 Тема закреплена. Скорее всего, здесь есть важная информация.
hipshot  [Разработчик] 6 фев. 2013 в 17:27
Ask and we answer (most things).
Let the questions flow... hopefully.


For those that don't know how to unzip a zip file, look at this!
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Soo.... Here's a couple for you. :)
1) Any plans for Randomly generated levels?
2) Aftergame content such as "infinite dungeon" or otherwise?

3) Not really a question but one of my favourite games of the past would have to be Ultima 4 (ugh, I know, I could pick better) But my point here is Any chance for overworld adventure? with extra side areas/towns that potentially serve no purpose other than an alternate route to the final end?
Can you expand a little on the 4 bosses that require more strategy than just hacking? Some games I've played have seemed to execute the idea as "Boss X is impossible unless you use Specific Gimmick Y".

Also, how much will be able to be modded with the planned mod tools? Could whole new tile sets be added?

Regardless, Hammerwatch looks pretty dang incredible! /voted and shared!
How much do you think you would charge for this game?
Looks good, but potential price range?
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Soo.... Here's a couple for you. :)

2) Aftergame content such as "infinite dungeon" or otherwise?

I love the idea of an infinite dungeon. If you've ever played Fate, the dungeon was infinite, and you would never have the "best gear" because you could always go to the 300 millionth floor and pick up something with 10,000,000% attack speed or something.
Didn´t find this...what about the controllers? how we will play this game...with cursors? mouse?
hipshot  [Разработчик] 7 фев. 2013 в 4:15 
  • Random levels: We have talked about it and have ideas, but the game will not be shipped with it, maybe later on.

  • There's really no after game content in that sense, you can enter survival mode when ever you want, SP or Coop and we want to see that the SP is so fun, that you wanna play it again, but with a different character and trying to improve yourself.

  • Hammerwatch really is about the castle, but If we are giving the opportunity to make let's say a sequel or another game, there's a chance that you can also walk outside of the castle =) I'm a great fan of outside areas and large rpgs like that too. This is obviously more a "want" than "promise" =)

  • More strategy than just hacking in this case really isn't that advanced it's just a bit more than the hacking you're doing to get to the boss, let's take the first boss for example
    It's a big maggot, the maggot is static on the ground, but she spawns small maggot minions and sometimes she shoots poison out from her body, in a circle. The best way to avoid this would be to raise and stand behind any of several pillar close to her then when the poison past go over and hit her, but also make sure to kill the minions, else the room will be flooded after a while

  • From start, the editor will be in the game. I can't promise that we will unlock everything for modding, but tilesets and graphics are a thing we would like to have open for people to change, also tweakdata, but I just don't know how much will be in the game from the start.

  • Impossible to say what the price will be at this time. There are many factors here.

  • Controllers - keyboard or any gamepad should work, only tested with two so far - youtube.com/watch?v=ilYZieiuqgc)
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I have two questions.

1) While you can't tell us the price you'll be selling the game for at the moment (for obvious reasons, since Steam has a say), will you have a 4-pack style of purchase available? (I sense a yes, but I really want to know.)

2) I understand that the different classes are meant to play differently; even in Gauntlet I remember that the four classes had different maximum stats to make them better in different situations. However, will that create subtle big weaknesses in certain classes in your case? I don't want to feel gimped playing single player because the class I chose, even if it has the gameplay I like, just isn't competitive enough in terms of hacky-slashy to the other three.

Also, liking your game a lot so far. I can already see myself sacrificing hundreds of hours to Errengee for the greater good of cleansing evil from a castle.
What happened to the money I just threw at my screen?

On a more serious note: How will character development work? Will we be able to choose what upgrade to get between the levels and spend the gold we found on them?
This looks great and I'm really looking forward to it. My question would be - what kind of level size can we expect? I have to admit that I was a little worried when I saw 12 levels, since my brain was in Gauntlet/II mode with it's 100+ levels! But I realise that these levels could be hugely bigger.
Also, any chance for Steam Workshop support? I don't know what work this involves on your side and what input Valve requires. Would be great to see individual maps (and campaigns?) easily downloadable from Steam!
Is the game going to be translated? I am an Italian freelance translator, if you are interested you can contact me anytime.
What about the puzzles? I saw couple of them in the video, should we expect a lot of them or not?
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hipshot  [Разработчик] 7 фев. 2013 в 11:12 
  • We would love to have a 4-pack deal, it should suit this game very well. However, that's also something I can't talk more about, because we don't really know how it works yet and we also need to be on steam as a title for that =)

  • It's very important for us, that all classes can be played in single player alone and be well balanced. Our heroes are also much more varied than the ones found in gauntlet, because we have a lot more skills and features on them.

  • Character development then, you find different vendors around the game, they sell different upgrades and items, like one might only sell offensive skills and upgrades and the other only potions. These vendors can sometimes be hidden, sometimes in difficult places or at most times, pretty easy to find. You use money that can be found around the game, like loot from enemies, barrels or hidden in secrets.

  • A lot of people have focused on the number of levels, totally understandable. I can assure everyone that these levels are large and holds many features and secrets, also one important factor is that you can walk between the floors in one act, sometimes you might need to solve something in one floor to access something in the floor below. We also have at least 4 bonus levels (these every one will just love!) and also our survival levels.

  • Steam workshop, it's like the 4-Pack question, it would be great, but we just don't know.

  • This game will be shipped with default English and a setting for Swedish. Language files are however exposed, so a fan can translate the game and share.

  • Our focus are not on puzzle creation, however, there will be puzzles, some more advanced some not as advanced, they will never be forced upon the player, if you don't wanna solve a puzzle, you should always be free to skip it (they will depending on the complexity be rewarded thereafter =)). There will be buttons and things that needs to be clicked to open certain passages or disable traps, this must be done, but it's not really a choir, it adds to the levels.
1. So if the game is split into multiple acts, will each be sold seperately?

2. How long would an estimated playthrough of the full game take?

P.S. Like your avatar XD
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