Left 4 Dead 2
-Helms Deep- Reborn
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Changelog v.19
August 20, 2013

Changes from version 18b to 19:

- Added a new hatchet melee weapon made by greenhood. The hatchet has been remade for Helm's Deep Reborn exclusively with improved animations, texture and some optimizations. I buffed up the hatchet's damage - making it one of the best melee weapons to use. There is a total of 1 hatchet(s) and it can be found in the armory (starting area). The hatchet also has a custom hud icon.

- Deleted 1 out of 3 machetes in the armory.

- The major bug with the slow motion has now finally been fixed. If all players died after the slow motion started and before it ended during the Gandalf event the next round would be entirely in slow motion (In my previous attempt to fix the bug I used a Stop output to try to stop the slow motion when next round started. However, now there is first a Start and then a Stop when next round starts which does the trick).

- All players' survival record (time) has been reset to 0.

- Minor time changes to make the map slightly easier and less frustrating to play (see list below).
a) Reduced maximum time interval until the deeping wall explodes by 2 sec.

b) Reduced maximum time interval until fall back up the long stairs by 2 sec.

c) Reduced maximum time interval until the keep opens by 2 sec.

d) Reduced maximum time interval until the tower opens (and when the sun rises) by 7 sec.

e) Reduced maximum time interval until all players need to meet Gimli at the top of the tower by 2 sec.

f) The ammo pile on the second floor inside the keep now lasts 2 seconds longer.

g) The time between when the slow motion ends after Gandalf's arrival and when you win the map has been shortened by 10 seconds.

- Changed the name of the bsp from "l4d2_helms_deep_serious_v18b" to "l4d2_helms_deep_reborn_v19". It should be less confusing to find the map using server browser and trying to start the map through console.

- Optimized the way damage is dealt to survivors/infected from the fire when the mounted machine gun is set on fire inside the great hall (king's throne), in additiion the damage radius has been slightly reduced for this particular fire.

- Deleted a server/steam group logo of servers that no longer host the map. The map is now completely free of advertising of servers/steam groups.

- Renamed an entity referring to a custom sound which doesn't exist.

- Minor optimizations for the vpk.

- Deleted 1 out of 2 small easter eggs from The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey.

- Changed some information displayed in the chat box when you win the map.

- Added 1 small easter egg from The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.

- Optimized the button which you use to start the battle by making it delete itself faster.

- Added new fan art of Helm's Deep Reborn made by Ayetach. The fan art will appear when you win the map. "I painted it digitally on my ipad, used ProCreate for it and then photoshop for touchups" - Ayetach

- Raised some teleport destinations slightly of the ground which might fix a rare bug, which a few players have reported, which involved clusters of players getting stuck inside eachother after being teleported.

- Optimized some invisible walls.

- Dead players' body will now automatically get teleported along with players who are alive to the armory when you get 20 seconds to gear up before the charge event. This gives players who are alive a chance to defib dead players before the charge event and this also fixes a major glitch which involved using a defib on a dead player who was not within the charge path.

- The defib which appears on the table in the armory after you've won the map will now instead appear earlier when players get 20 seconds to gear up before the charge event.

- Bots, common infected and special infected should now avoid taking the path outside along the windows on the second floor (the keep), this is because even though the edge is wide they would sometimes fall down, however they can still choose to go that way.

- Reduced the chance of survivors being able to use a small glitch with the burning hay in the tunnel.

--- Gandalf event ---

- Beware, all types of special infected can now appear during the Gandalf event.

- Dead players' body will now automatically get teleported along with players who are alive next to Gandalf when he arrives. This is in case you didn't defib all dead players before the charge event, this also makes defibs more valuable/useable.

- Slow motion will now start 10 seconds earlier after Gandalf's arrival. The duration of the slow motion is still the same which is 25 seconds.

- Common infected will now attack Gandalf 7.5 seconds earlier, this is mostly a performance improvement but also to make things a bit easier.

--- Things that broke due to the L4D2 beta release but have now been fixed ---

- It is no longer possible to glitch and completely clear the map and prevent special infected from spawning before you actually win the map after Gandalf's arrival, tanks will now spawn during the Gandalf event.

I have also updated and improved my website.
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