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-Helms Deep- Reborn
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Changelog v.13
January 5, 2011

Changes from version 12 to 13:

This is a more polished version of -Helm's Deep- Reborn. Now with full support for servers using all kinds of mods from !usepoints plugin to unlimited health plugin. The map has also been improved for versus survival along with some major fps and ping improvements. Visually the map is really stunning now. This version is a must-have for any fan of LOTR and L4D2!

- When all players have to meet Gimli at the top of the tower, the next event will NOT start if a player is incapacitated somewhere else in the map. This fixes 3 known glitches (and possibly more with the use of plugins).

- Fixed zombies getting stuck in a torch behind the wall during Gandalf event. 20 zombies could get stuck while those that climbed over it were burned by the fire.

- Major texture fixes and tweaks. Changed lightmap scale, texture scale and shift throughout the map. Look-alike textures changed into 1 common texture. In short, the map looks better, less lag and smaller file size.

- Disabled a great number of shadows which you couldn't see. If you can't see the shadows, might aswell disable all of them. This is a nice performance improvement if you're playing on a slow pc.

- Tweaked all invisble walls. Full support for mods/plugins such as low gravity, !usepoints, unlimited hp and versus survival.

- Fixed a great number of bugs related to mounted machine guns.

- Fixed all visual bugs related to water. Major tweaks on the pools of water for maximum fps.

- Fixed a visual bug in the ground behind the l4d1 survivors.

- Minor item/weapon changes. Sligthly better gameplay.

- Improved the fire in the tunnel. Less lag, more realistic, less damage done to survivors etc. It's now pretty obvious that you can jump over it without dying.

- Greatly reduced the size of the vpk. Great things come in small packages.

Note: This is not the full changelog.
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