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DRM/product keys/etc
Is the standalone game going to have some kind of DRM/product keys/piracy retardant/etc.?
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Pretty sure they've stated the standalone game won't have any DRM. They've certainly said as much for the free future character packs that will be made after the game's out;

"Those who have the full version will be able to receive these expansion sets for free on the spot - no DLC and no DRM!"
GalaxyTrail  [geliştirici] 24 Oca 2013 @ 23:51 
We're not a fan of DLC or DRM, so, no, the game won't have either of those. This may give us a lot of problems with piracy (especially from those who dislike the game but feel like trying it anyway), but then again, who doesn't these days?

We will of course try to crack down on the most severe cases if they happen, but generally we figure that if we're doing a good job, most people will buy the full version legitimately to help support us.
İlk olarak GalaxyTrail tarafından gönderildi:
This may give us a lot of problems with piracy (especially from those who dislike the game but feel like trying it anyway)
You'll have no more problems than you would even with DRM. Since DRM doesn't work, at all.
Better to make the experience as smooth, an unintrusive for those who do buy your game than cripple it on the off-chance it makes it slightly harder to pirate.
And of course, Cracking down on it is impossible, you can't stop torrents from happening.

Far better to approach it like the devs for Hotline Miami or McPixel, who were just like, Look, we know you are going to pirate our game, so here, we'll make sure it works properly for you and you can experience the game as its meant to be, and you know, if you like it, maybe you can purchase it later.
And people did.
Positive word of mouth gained like that is far more beneficial than the negative opinions gained from using and enforcing DRM methods.

Just my 2 cents :v

And I appreciate your dislike of DLC and DRM.
Theres far too much cashgrab dlc these days, and its nice when a dev just says "No, you buy our game you get the complete experience."
GalaxyTrail  [geliştirici] 25 Oca 2013 @ 5:15 
This is true. Case in point - I'm super excited about the upcoming SimCity game, but I was also put off when they announced DRM in the form of online verification. If anything, that would increase the likelihood of piracy like it did with one of their previous titles, Spore, which at the time of its release was the most pirated game in history. Maxis lost millions on that one.

So, yeah, we're not going to do DRM or DLC. Even if Steam requires some form of verification, we'll make it as non-intrusive as we can, because our #1 priority is not to make profits, it's to make cool games. The number of times our game has been downloaded and played matters more to us than sales figures.
En son GalaxyTrail tarafından düzenlendi; 25 Oca 2013 @ 5:16
You can't put a price on good PR ;).
This is why I'm a fan of the indie scene, it's going back to the roots of gaming. I liked the looks of your gameplay videos at a time when I was thinking "I wish there was another platformer that had the speed and fluidity of classic Sonic games." It's nice to see you're also following with the "make the game fun and functional for the people who pay for it" rather than "punish the people who buy it with DRM so the pirated release is delayed a couple of weeks."
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