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Sdols  [kehittäjä] 18.1.2013 kello 2.37
To Bot Or Not To Bot? Your Input Needed.
For now we have following gameplay modes: Team vs Team PvP as the main course, Co-Op missions to open new space sectors as the dessert. We see that many people ask us to add AI opponents into the main gameplay. We will definitely keep focus on Team-vs-Team PvP, but we see several different possibilities for adding bots, and this is what we are going to discuss here:
As an addition to Team-vs-Team PvP you would prefer:
1. Co-Op « defend the base» missions
2. Co-Op exploration missions with (or without) a «boss» enemy in the end
3. Solo PvE missions for training and amusement purposes
4. …or something we didn’t think of before you told us.
We would appreciate any feedback on the matter. Please write us what kind of additional gameplay with AI bots you would like to see in the CLR game. Feel free to post your ideas in this discussion, we are very eager to hear them.
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Both 1 & 2 sound like great options. I would lean more towards option number 1 if there were interesting techs you could use to help bolster your defenses. Or, I would lean more towards option number 2 if defending was just defending a space station in open space. In that case, I would prefer exploration missions.
I'm a 2 and 3 kind of guy. As for 4, bot AI could possibly see use in the form of decoy drones. Picture a launched mini-bot that projects an image of its parent ship, attracting guided weapons like a valid target and confusing players. This decoy would need to move similarly to a player, even appearing to fire weapons (that deal no damage).
1-3 sound amazing!
Purxiz 19.1.2013 kello 22.56 
1+2 w/ boss sound the best
Purxiz lähetti viestin:
1+2 w/ boss sound the best

This is what I was thinking.
Both sp (training) and mp
Carl94 21.1.2013 kello 5.49 
The need for bots will mainly come down to the player base when released. If the game has a large player base, there will be no need for bots in order to find a game quickly. The main problem with bots is they are dumb, this makes them less fun to kill, and harder to win if you have more bots on your team.

I would not like to see bots been used against players directly, however I like the idea of decoy bots barrak posted above. Another good use of bots would be escort missions, 1 team has to protect a convoy of large transport bots, while another team must try to destroy it. These bots would need high shields and the ability to repair over time, stopping the raiding team slowly weakening them with hit and run attacks, avoiding any PvP combat.
Lurkily 21.1.2013 kello 13.55 
I would like #2 PvE. #3 would be nice for training and testing, and shouldn't be much harder - it's basically the same thing with a team of one.

I'm not a fan of defense objectives, but I'm sure many would appreciate that.
Aye, I was careful to specify that player-generated bots or drones shouldn't be a force-multiplier or another damage source.
1-3 are nice.
Sdols  [kehittäjä] 22.1.2013 kello 0.45 
Thank you very much for your help and your support!
One more question - what about survival Co-Op missions? Like party have to reach some destination point, have to pass different locations and fight various NPCs. And if party looses member or, say, more than X% of members, quest fails. This scenario seems very interesting to us (devs). Should it be interesting to you?
I can't sound off on survival co-op without understanding the respawn mechanic. If the group uses a shared pool of 'extra lives', then yeah, bring it on.
But if three or four ships go in, one careens into a wall, and the entire team immediately loses--count me out.
Sdols  [kehittäjä] 22.1.2013 kello 8.48 
@BarrakDraconis yes you got the point, why we are not sure. Make team to depend on one idiot means to ruin the game. And as for me personally, i am not quite sure even extra-lives pool could fix it.
All I can think if is to make it an optional, unlockable gametype--at no point will you -have- to complete this mission, but you'll -have- to invest some time in the game to be able to. That way the only folks who'll run it are those who genuinely want to(or genuinely want to screw it up, but they'll run out of friends).
Come to think of it, just 'unlockable' would go a long way.
Sdols  [kehittäjä] 22.1.2013 kello 10.28 
Decision on survival: there would not be missions, that fail if someone dies.
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