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Holo Spy.
Possible device specs (and uses)
This has potential. Consider dropping this hologram in a corner, an unsuspecting enemy may happen upon it and immediately attack. This gives you the opportunity to come up behind for a backstab. The hologram could pretend to flinch and take damage, or even pretend to fire upon the opponent (without moving). Quickly dropping the device while moving could draw enemy fire for a moment, allowing more time to escape.

It could even be programmed to simulate your current disguise when placed. Making a friendly hologram would have it pretend to attack enemies, but making it an enemy hologram causes it to pretend to attack friendly players. For example, place an enemy sniper to fool others into thinking it's safe; or place a friendly heavy to draw their fire. The device should use the sound and visual effects of disguising when placed.

Placement is an issue. It could function like an engineer building, where you right-click to rotate its facing direction. Or it could face you when left-click placing, and face away when right-click placing. Another issue is the device itself. Would the device turn invisible when placed? It would be a dead giveaway if it isn't at least partially hidden. The device should be easily destroyed, and shooting the hologram enough times could short the device, revealing it. Pyros would be able to easily dispatch it with their fire.

This would replace your sapper, obviously. If you're facing engineers on the other team (that aren't already being handled), you'll probably want to avoid using this.
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TRAPHORSE 16 jul, 2014 @ 21:07 
This Weapon should definetly be in the game. It sould be so that it can never be destroyed but you can pass through it and teh hologram only lasts 30, or 60 seconds. Also bullets, fire, and projectiles should pass through it.
ulramite 18 okt, 2014 @ 0:51 
Different things should happen depending on what class you were disguised as, and what team you were on. The Holograms should move around, run away and shoot but deal no damage. They wouldn't be able to move very far from the hologram though.
Scout: Strafe and shoot at enemies.
Soldier: Run forward and shoot.
Pyro: W+M1.
Demoman: Run forward and shoot (if on defending team and no enemies around then place stickybombs.
Heavy: Walk forward and shoot.
Engineer: Hit nearby buildings with wrench. If no buildings nearby then it just is obvious.
Medic: Look as if healing teamates
Sniper: Scope and miss every shot
Spy: Runs away.
What i think
it should be like a second spy using a bot however it has 50 hp and when it dies it blows up the hologram (whenever it is) the hologram should be able to cloak and it should take up the pistel spot in the loadout
Bobato Chaps 17 jan, 2015 @ 23:59 
have it put down a friendly spy-bot with 40 hp that saps nearby buildings, disguises and follows

the player. if disguised, the spy-bot will change disguise to a medic to make it look like a team.

has a 30 sec use cooldown. when you die, the spy-bot dies
OCR.LFT 19 jan, 2015 @ 12:52 
This item could immensly change the way spy is played, though not in a bad way. Like you said, this item would replace the sapper and I would like to see it do no damage to enemy buildings. The device should also change disguise as you change disguise. As an added component, I think the hologram should be remotely triggered to self destruct if "MOUSE2" is clicked while the hologram is up and running.

For this to be placed down, the player should have to crouch just as any normal melee weapon is not in range to the ground unless the player is crouched (the demoknight's swords are the exceptions) and they must hit "MOUSE1" to place. The spy would appear immediately after placing and disguise (just as a spy would disguise) as soon as the player disguises. If the player is already disguised, the hologram should immediately begin to disguise as well.

Just as Merchant suggested, the bot should have 40 HP and draw damage for teammates. However, the bot will not move but will be able to switch weapons just as the player does and reload just as the player does. After destroyed, there should be 10 or 15 second wait until the next hologram can be placed.

Just as Dark Lord "satin" said, I think the placement should be treated like an engineers building. After the player selects the hologram, and click "MOUSE1" he should be able to rotate it by pressing "MOUSE2". There should be an arrow pointing towards where the spy where be facing. The default placement should be that the hologram will face the player when placed. Like I said before, "MOUSE2" will serve a different function after the hologram is placed.

When destroyed, the kill feed should read: (Player on opposing team) (kill icon here) holo-spy (you). Just as the icon for destroying an enemy building. Small amounts of metal (in equal amounts to the smallest ammo box) should be able to be collected from the destroyed Holo-spy device.

As for bumping, the Holo-spy should be able to be bumped and take any form of damage. For friendlies, the device will just appear to be the way you see it (just a hologram with a floating image of the spy. Kinda like death marker in MVM.) But to enemies it will look just as you look. Finally, when the player dies, the Holo-spy should die as well but the player who killed the spy does not receive credit for destroying the Holo-spy. This way, there is a slight penalty for dying as well and in this form the Holo-spy functions completely different from an engineer's building after the player dies.

All in all, this item holds a ton of potential and those are some improvements I and hopefully other TF2 players would like to see made in the creation of this item.

Good luck.
hotchoclatmonky 21 jan, 2015 @ 19:00 
Holographic image
Can sap buildings

destoyed with 2 shots (to the holograph or the actual device)
-10% sap speed
1 second cooldown before it can be placed again

This would make it a very interesting and fun sapper. i also like that it is a sapper because there are not that many sappers to choose from ( red-tape recorder and stock + reskins of stock). This sapper would sort of troll the other team so it should be easily destoyed and have a cooldown of probably 1-1.5 seconds (to prevent sap spamming and the other team not understanding how it works).
Bobato Chaps 24 jan, 2015 @ 14:34 
Ursprungligen skrivet av hotchoclatmonky:
1-1.5 seconds (to prevent sap spamming and the other team not understanding how it works).

probably more of an 8 sec cooldown
Simply a table 31 jan, 2015 @ 15:59 
it could be a engi building
Right click to put down show an holographic that acts like revolver shooting spies then after 20 seconds you teleport to its location
blackbox9000 8 sep, 2015 @ 1:17 
how about you throw it somewhere it turns invisible and creates a holographic copy of you. useful for figting sentries aka create a holographic copy of yourself and then just go ahead and sap it. no need for disguising and i think you cannot regen it but you rather have to pick it up. pick it up by left clicking on it with the knife
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Haze33E 21 jan, 2016 @ 7:51 
Creates a hologram of you that lasts for 8 seconds a new hologram cannot be placed until the previous one is gone (hologram can be targeted by sentries making it lock onto a non-existant target)
Holograms can be placed while invisible
Replaces sapper

I would think once placed on the ground the device iteself should become invisible otherwise the hologram is pretty much worthless

I don't know how destroying the Holo Spy would work in terms of the enemy team destroying the device.

With these stats this would make a whole new play style for spies. The Holo Spy could be used for traps or distracting sentries.
The Hue Man 21 maj, 2016 @ 22:54 
Ursprungligen skrivet av o ♥♥♥♥ throwgame:
Holograms are useless if they don't deal any damage.

All of my ideas work like engineer buildings (you have to build it to make it work, it can be sapped), but they can't be destroyed. Also, they affect BOTH teams.
I have 5 ideas for this:
1. Makes everybody around it (including the enemy team) invisible but unable to attack and slows movement speed by 50%. Lasts 2 minutes, then explodes, damaging everyone around it. The building itself is visible to anyone. Also disables all other buildings.
2. This one also works like a building. It absorbs all damage around it for 1 minute, then explodes, dealing the damage it absorbed to nearby enemies. Also works for both teams.
3. This one makes everybody around it take damage and become slowed by 90%. Lasts 30 seconds then explodes.
4. Stops projectiles and everyone around it and makes them unable to turn around (sappers still should be placeable inside them), letting you backstab them easily. The effect lasts 3 seconds, then it activates again after 2 seconds. The size of this area increases over time, though it won't cover the entire map. Lasts for 3 minutes, then explodes (Omg, really?).
5. This one works like a landmine. It should be barely visible to enemies, though.
this is the dumbest thing
j3r3myj0hns0n 22 maj, 2016 @ 19:03 
It could be a target that reacts to what should damage it, but the hologram itself is unharmed and allows enemies to pass through it. It also shouldn't damage buildings or other players.

You should be able to set what the hologram will do. Stand in place, patrol the range, "fire" at will, taunt, and one of two "class actions":
-Scout: Swings his melee while running in a figure 8 or double jump like a mad man.
-Soldier: Rocket Jump or 21-gun salute patrol
-Pyro: W+M1 and retreat or messes with his fire ax
-Engineer: Dispenser Maintanence or Teleporter Maintanece.
-Heavy: Hoovy mode or Revving up
-Demoman: Sticky Trap or Sticky Jump (Don't use a shield with these.)
-Medic: Fully Charged or trying to find a cloaked spy
-Sniper: Scoped in or Not even trying
-Spy: Cloaked Ambush or poorly disguised

Also, have friendly holograms have a pulse running through them, like the lines on old TV's.
InfernoLord 5 sep, 2017 @ 4:05 
For the low price of 20 less maximum health, and a slower firing speed, this could be yours.
Bobato Chaps 5 sep, 2017 @ 8:19 
Ursprungligen skrivet av InfernoLord:
For the low price of 20 less maximum health, and a slower firing speed, this could be yours.
how do you people even find this still, it's from 2014 for ♥♥♥♥s sake
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