Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
Renha 13 stycznia 2013 o 8:50
it'll good if any translations would be there, for example Russian
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Blaze Enfuego  [producent] 13 stycznia 2013 o 10:41 
I'm affraid it will be only possible if we get enough funds or if the game sells well after release :)
骨折リメイル 13 stycznia 2013 o 22:56 
Have you tried to make game without money? Just make it, upload more videos and screenshots and more people will donate you.
And, by the way, give game fans possibility to help you with translation.
骨折リメイル 13 stycznia 2013 o 22:58 
By the way, if you release game on steam, you'll reach more than 46000e. Don't wait, just do what you do.
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MrBEST 14 stycznia 2013 o 2:43 
You know Music costs lots of money translations could be made by fanbase as you say but the official transaltion also costs a hefty sum its about 100 euro for 4 pages of text and this being a Adventure game it has lots and lots of text so it would take some serious green to do so. And as you noticed if the game reaches steam and with all the Haters and the IndieGoGo going rather poorly I am afraid that this project might not start as it should.
I'm making my own indie game. I don't want to show it to society until I finish it, but:
- it will be fully translated to english, russian, ukrainian, german and (maybe) japaneese.
- My eam have NOW full soundtrack for our game and music in it is ♥♥♥♥ing awesome.
And all this were made by my team or people, who knows about project and like it.
We haven't spent even 1 cent.
Where is your god now?^U
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Gregg 14 stycznia 2013 o 6:43 
I double the last message
Blaze Enfuego  [producent] 14 stycznia 2013 o 7:20 
As stated in IndieGoGo description we'll do everything to finish the game. 46k euro goal doesn't need to be reached. You have a good music composer in your team who works for free - good for you - unfortunately our situation is different.
Less money just equals less time, less features and less proffesionalism. But it doesn't mean that we'll drop the project. We gave people the chance to donate so they can help us make the game better and it's production cycle more stable.
MrBEST 14 stycznia 2013 o 7:42 
Also there is a question of the law in poland as in you canno't begin production and such without registrating a company and paying social security everymonth wich is about 250 euro per month. Also It is good to get some feedback as you said you did not show it to the world and what if it will be a big flop what you and your friends think is one thing and what ppl are willing to support is another. If you look at the comment section in the unlucky 7 ppl downvote because furries maybe you will get something simmilar downvote because something else. And take into consideration that maybe your game has not as much text. And belive me if the game starts selling you will get lots of so called "Helpers" whotranslated it for you demanding money.
Music composer is not in our team. He have been found through internet.

We just don't want to show not finished project. And we know that everybody will like it. Game will be released after 3-4 month after it'll be finished. But anyway, this thread is not about Onionboy story, this thread is about PLEASE DON'T DROP THIS AWESOME PROJECT, about YOU NEEDN'T MONEY FOR CREATING PERFECT GAME and about WILL THERE BE LOCALISATIONS?.

Blaze Enfuego just answered me about IGG, donations and game release.

Everything that I can say now -- don't stop. I'll try to say about (un)Lucky7 in our community and will help if possible.

Advice. Say about your project somewhere in web. It would be very nice if you tell about it on ♥♥♥♥♥ or reddit. It's how you can find good fanbase, translators and musicans.
MrBEST 14 stycznia 2013 o 13:45 
Hehe you read my mind i made a redit topic today ;p Also from what i understand no matter if the money will be there or not it will be made just it will take lot and lot longer since it will be done in the spare time and they won't be able to focus on it. But all support would be great ;3 As Jessy Cox says ADVERTISE LIKE SHAMELESS WH**ES ;3 Also don't get mad or anything but while I think this is a great project you might think the same thing about your project so a pool would be nice and things like that.
骨折リメイル 14 stycznia 2013 o 23:12 
Anyway, if you release the game, money that you get will be more than 46000 EUR or, maybe, 100 000 EUR.
MrBEST 15 stycznia 2013 o 6:50 
Well i do hope that happens since I want more games that dont rely on jumpscares and have actually A PLOT XD and not just Oh look there *Boom* oh now look there *Bigger boom* oh your dead wife *She explodes too*.
Blaze Enfuego  [producent] 15 stycznia 2013 o 8:37 
Thank you for your support :) It's too early to estimate the sales, but we think they indeed might be good.
This is the best phrase about modern videogames I even heard.
MrBEST 15 stycznia 2013 o 10:35 
Yes i know. The worst thing is that it is way too acurate. But then again story driven games don't sell well since you have to put some time into them and think.
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