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War Thunder
But what is war thunder (first impressions)
I have played the first few hours of the game and now in the video I will give say what you will find your self doing in the game, and my first impressions on the game.


Also on a side note, this games destruction system is too good, it almost makes me want to get shot down.

If you would like to see more first impressions check out my channel.
Naposledy upravil bloodbath & beyond; 27. úno. 2013 v 8.35
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First few hours is not enough. Play for a few months before you would have any credibility on it.

Then again, I really don't expect most people doing this to spend 10 hours a day on that game.

Some of the systems are suspiciously biased, or in a sense, shaped to exploit the player's time.

Like repair times, rank 4 planes has 30 minutes to 1 hours, but rank 5 gets 5 hours.
Then rank 6 is almost 12 hours and rank 7 is roughly up to a day.
From rank 8 onward you have several DAYS in repair time... Of course you can reduce them, but!

Your crew repairing it has to have eagles or exp invested in a long term to repair it fast enough.

Repair rate skill caps at 50, gives +30 if you train the crew for said plane (costly). If you can afford 6 dollars to cap it, you get 80% shorter repair times.
But to have said crew skills work, you gotta invest in repair rank. This caps at 20, but the cost to raise increases a ton each rank. Like from 1 point at rank 0 to 1, to 3 points at 1 to 2.

In short, at some point you MUST pay to invest in eagles because the frustration takes over.

Granted, if you are lucky to make 20-50k exp in a historic battle, good for you, because you only make 30-60 points for crew skills and you need 240 to add a extra gunner...
I'd hate to see how much points it requires to get repair rate 50... Because it's almost 30-50 points at 20-30 repair rate level, and it loves to double or triple after several points.
I'd shudder if you need 1000 points at that point.
Naposledy upravil Dra6o0n; 28. úno. 2013 v 12.32
Yeah, this is the natural issue with first impressions, it's that any more long running issues won't be noticed, where as a review, which you could write seeing as you clearly have enough time in the game to do so can evaluate the game fully.
Oh well, it's a shame that repairs can take that long with the higher level planes, I kind of wish there was a single player mode, but thats me being hopeful.
Naposledy upravil bloodbath & beyond; 28. úno. 2013 v 13.25
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Zobrazeno 12 z 2 komentářů
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