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The Cat Lady
Good job Screen 7!
I just wanted to say- this game has some amazing ideas and a fantastic story, as well as great voice acting. At an odd moment or two I can kind of hear them bumping the mic a bit, but they're great! I think my favorite one is either Joe or the exterminator guy. The exterminator guys made me feel violated, which is probably the emotion you meant to evoke. All in all, great game, thanks for putting time and effort to entertaining my lazy ♥♥♥. :)
En son Professor Jesus tarafından düzenlendi; 27 Mar 2013 @ 22:44
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Yes well done!

Long story short, I just want you guys to know how well everything you did tied together and how moving I think your game is. Nice work.
I literally watched the final part of Cry's playthrough then wrote down my impressions of the game,so here goes.

Whether by choice or restriction, the art design works well. The animation and characters feel a bit stiff, but it also feels this adds to the oddness and seperation from reality of the characters.

I loved the use of colour, how it accented certain elements to start off, then orange/yellow for limbo and the cemetary. Then how more colour comes into play as you progress/start living a little more. I like how yellow can seem calm and relaxing, but then you push it a little and it become alarming and infected.

Music and sound was used really effectively. The music was fitting and beautiful and I loved it kicking in when it was business time. >:3
At the beginning of the game, I thought that jolt of sound, the one used like an audible jump-scare was too obvious to begin with, but as the game goes on it felt like more of a cue to Susan's shock. That, or the things it was accenting became genuinely more disturbing and fitting to the sound...

The voices sounded so unique. I liked how understated and normal they were. Some felt like they were reading off the paper a little, but they still sounded genuine.
The only problem was the audio felt unintentionally soft in some sections, so it was like the conversation was hitting bumps in the road.

At first glance, I would have said it wouldn't be something I'd buy, and if Cry hadn't played it, I may never have given it a chance and I would have missed out. Yay for social media. ;)
hello, its nice to see games with story, and with characters who advance in their behaviour and life. I miss the extrem story telling in games these days, like it was when squaresoft and enix where enemys. My favorit games where : secret of mana, terranigma , secret of evermore and illusion of times, i dont know if any "dev" watches here or how many people thanked you for this good game. And even when you dont know my favorit games i told, the cat lady is now on place 3 and its only not on rank 2 because its not an rpg. Sry iam talking to much and stupid things. Thx for this game. when this game is on steam i will buy a few keys just in hope to help you.
Jimmy The Vampire  [geliştirici] 4 Nis 2013 @ 18:51 
Thanks so much jenny!;) I love RPG's too, although my favourites would be found amongst Bethesda's catalogue;)
markymint  [geliştirici] 29 Nis 2013 @ 20:36 
Thanks Nantomachines! Glad you enjoyed the game :) We hope to improve on voice work audio problems in future productions.
this game is awesome, i dont know what to say here the only think i can say is: this game is a jewel in the Game induestry who produces the same with new names. I could feel here Sorrow, here pain and later how she rises out of her misery. I was terrified by the woman who said misery in the game and yes i hate to knowi couldnt kill the guy at the end who penetrates this poor woman.
When this game is out on steam, iam surely one of the guys who will buy a few keys.
I want this game to come out on Steam already! Can't wait to play. :p2chell:
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