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Early Access ! ! (Steam/Valve)
How do I get my game listed in Early Access?

We're starting out with a handful of games and will be expanding it over time. If your game has already been Greenlit or you know your next game will be on Steam, then get in touch with your Valve release team and let us know of your plans and interest.


For DreadOut developers, this is another sweet tool you can use to get your demo added to steam after Greenlight.

Thus far I have been keeping track and Steam allows a hand full of games to be Greenlit , (Generally around 5 each turn) and every 15 calendar days. If Steam keeps this schedual the next Greenlight games to be Greenlit should be June 15th, 2013.

:p2chell: Good luck. :alyx:
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I hope this game lives up to the hype. The DEMO scared me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and I can't wait to finish the entire story. I want early access as well! lol
Too many games using Early Access, I don't like playing betas, if they're going to do this with a purely single player game they may as switch to Episodic.

I'm content with waiting for the game to release.

As far as using Early Access for the demo? Not sure, it could work but wouldn't they essentially have to sell the demo as the game? I'm not aware of what policies they'd have to follow if they opt for Early Access but I don't know if they'd be able to use it to put up their demo. Let's not forgot the initial flood of negative comments that usually fill any game that uses Early Access.

Starforge is still working through its initial backlash and there's still a lot of complaints against Planetary Annihilation (or whatever it is).
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I like to see the demo at least on steam. As for the full game, once finished I'm sure the developer and publishers will figure it out.:gman:
I think its a great idea in that it'll let more ppl know about this game and to help promote it to others to purchase it when it is finally done
Since they've been greenlit now I wonder if they could setup a game page with the demo on it, similarly to how games that have yet to be released show up.
Like getting the demo up. Only makes sense since November is a far ways from here.
Hi Chaz thanks for the heads up
sure we would love to bring our Demo there, right now we want to take care our app id for steam first, and before that we must fullfill their requirement about tax and legal thing to do business with Steam :)
One step at a time. Don't rush into anything, all that legal stuff needs your close attention.
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