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How do you guys feel about an unlockable first-person mode?
While I never had the chance to play that version, I recall Fatal Frame 2 on Xbox had an unlockable first-person mode after you beat the game. I do enjoy the extra charm from a third-person game, but I like the idea and believe it would add a lot of replay value.

What do you think?
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As an unlockable after you beat the game, yeah, sure sounds pretty good.
It would be awesome, but if i'm gonna say yes, our programmer will curse me for eternity :p
Actually right now our plan for unlockable it's only adding unlockable costume and new game ++ adding more random ghost and stuff
Yes, good point. I'd rather not have the game unneccesarily delayed just to have unlockable First person.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't some of the game first person already - when you're taking snapshots from a camera? I think it's kind of unnecessary to go through the whole game in first-person. I don't see how it'll add replay value either? Unless you see scares you couldn't see/were hard to see in 3rd person? Otherwise looks to be a waste of development time.

Like you said - game done first and then other stuff, later; if need be.
Interesting idea and challenging imo. First person in horror games is without a doubt terrifying but has a few disadvantages. For instance, without the wide camera angle of a third person view, scripted events that occur that are not within the character's line of sight can be missed if the player is looking elsewhere entirely. A sound cue would probably help with that.

Still, a first person perspective would be interesting and even if it is not well-received there is always room for improvement.
I much prefer the charm of third-person games, as well. And I'm not very good at first-person action, but that's just me. :p
Gothique  [Fejlesztő] 2013. ápr. 7., 11:15 
in a more technical language = FPS has different calculations than third-person, that's why very few games implement both mode; for example : Jedi Knight series.
Nah, I think it's fine without the first person mode. Fatal Frame 2 is one of my favourite games and I have played it multiple times but I never used the first person mode simply because it was too clumsy and slow. And it's not about if it has several modes what adds the replay value, it's the scariness and the atmosphere what makes you play it again. And this game definitely has it.
I'd go with no: I don't mind not having the first-person view and I never used it after unlocking it in Fatal Frame/Project Zero 2.
This sort pf has FP mode already when she goes into camera mode. I like third person best then first person. To toggle between the two settings like Skyrim suits my needs.
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