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Meliora 16 DIC 2012 a las 13:42
Kickstarted, Greenlit, Watching Closely
Who else out there will be monitoring the progress of this project as it goes?

As gamers, we often hope to see something different, something new, and something that offers us a way to play as we want to. This is why The Elder Scrolls is so successful, for example: it allows us to play as we choose.

Creative gaming allows an expression of the urge to "make something," and that something we can show for having played. A huge Minecraft construction project comes to mind. This game appears to be the next logical step in that progression.

We like to see innovation and bold new steps, but big companies spend big money, so they take little risks. Another really neat thing about this title is it looks to be well-suited to serve as a kind of lab for game mechanics, organizations, and interactions. What the big companies won't risk trying, players can make happen and find a way to make work.

Development becomes part of the game itself.

Finally, I'd like to see this succeed (personally) because if this is their first product then I can only imagine what awaits us as future offerings to the market from this team. Just imagine the next iteration of this vision! It's enticing to envision for sure.

edit: I'm no good at stirring up excitement. You wouldn't want me at a pep rally. "Give me an 'A'!" ... "Uhh... Meh!" I'll try though.
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joshrmt  [desarrollador] 16 DIC 2012 a las 15:17 
Thanks for the inspirational post! We are excited to try something new, even if the business model may be risky.
cyberspy 17 DIC 2012 a las 17:19 
Hope this works out. Also would you be able to make a singeplayer version were you can test out scripts and stuff.
Sumdum Takeda 17 DIC 2012 a las 21:57 
Its mentioned that you will have access to a small single player test server for running scripts and whatnot cyber, probably something like the sandbox mode currently available on the website. Have to say, these guys seemed to have thought through a lot of the challenges for this game already, which is nice. Really can't wait to see the beta build :D
Meliora 18 DIC 2012 a las 1:07 
You're welcome, joshrmt -- it's deserved!

Your team has inspired me too! I've studied programming a while, have a background in Math and Physics, started (prior to those majors) as an English major with a focus on Creative Writing, and I've wanted to make games since before I was potty trained. Yet I've always been too pessimistic, too much a procrastinator, and too much a solo flier.

Working with others making content in a project like this, though... I think this may push me right past all those mental barriers, and will allow people like me to meet each other. If I'm thinking that way already, then there surely are others. It's a good thing you guys are doing for gamers in general. That's why I'm so sold on this project.
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Sailym M. 18 DIC 2012 a las 14:19 
I definitely will. As someone who played Ultima Online from launch, after EA took over I hated it. I then started my own Server and thats how i learned C++ scripting. I literally just told my friends and brother ill wait until near the end of the kickstarters time and if its not close ill give $10, however if it looks promising i sooo want that $25 no monthly fee EVER trade-off.
kelless 19 DIC 2012 a las 8:28 
I really love the idea of this game , but can't help thinking that ppl like myself (can't script for toffee) will end up being 2nd class citizens , or just getting a lot less fun out of the game . I really wish you luck with this , and although i don't think i'll get it for said reasons i'll vote yes because i believe steam needs more games like this.
This game is hugely, INSANELY ambitious. I've played, written for and coded MUDs for seven years with a lot of the same functionality (though nowhere near this scope), and I've got to say there are some real challenges for the design. This is honestly the first game I've ever considered kickstarting, but whether I do or not I'll still be keeping an eye on it. It's going to be madness if they can reach a critical mass of players.
TheTrumpeter 17 ENE 2013 a las 18:29 
Really looking forward to this! Just became a basic backer today and I am very excited for the beta release.

A question for the devs if you're listening: Did you get any of this inspiration from the game Notch is working on "0x10c"?

I'm not saying you're copying anything, everything must have an inspiration.
Commandervulkan 19 FEB 2013 a las 8:25 
I will watch this game like a hungry dingo watching a baby play in the backyard.
Hawthorn 26 FEB 2014 a las 19:24 
I guess the business model was too risky .. no dev post in a year?
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