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Mortal Online: The Awakening
Brodaty Sep 21, 2013 @ 1:45am
My personal Mortal Online review
I heard about the project few years ago, but only recently I decided to try Mortal Online and see if this game will fit to me. Remember, this is my personal, private, subjective rate of the game, which you do not have to agree. Or reviews should be objective? No. We live in such times that game developers have to fight for thir fans and new players. Not the other way around... If I'm testing for example game called X and I don't like it, I'm playing game Y, than Z etc. Every few months I was checking out this game, what new can be heard in the forum, what changes in a game. Maybe it deserve some kind of success? Maybe. In the end I decided to describe my experience, also I've posted this on the official forum.
Let the game begins, describing what was awesome for me, what totaly facked me up, personally and maybe that will be a prophesy for this game.

There are 3 parts:
- Cool Stuff
- Bad Stuff
- What-to-do stuff
- Conclusion

Cool stuff

- Huge world, full open, without loading screens. Detailed and realy awesome. You can go everywhere, without any kind of restrictions. Exploring is the best part of "Cool stuff" in Mortal Online. Deserts, forests, hills, mountains, caves, other cities, coast and swamps. One of the most awesome worlds in my gaming history. Maybe this world is a little empty, but idea is realy cool. Possible stuff to upgrade this world will be included in "What-to-do stuff".

- Graphics. There are tons of games, tons of mmos that looks like asian candy shop. Of course I'm talking about candy-looking games where everything flashes, weirs to light and collapses the eyes with fairytale animations. This game looks natural. Just natural. Whole world looks great, most mmos are fairy-tales, this one is different.

- Fighting. Maybe it looks awful but whole idea is great. You can attack and kill everything - animals, monsters, even other players or guards. Nearly everywhere. When you are wandering alone and spott other player. It's always some kind of an awesome feeling - this little danger, ya know. Also hitboxes - this is something different when we look at other MMo games. It's great that we need to aim at something rather than just clicking mouse and 1,2,3,4 buttons.

- Skills. Most of them are pure useless but idea with many skills is great. We can do many other things rather than just fighting - we can go mining, woodcutting, fishing, reading, craft some stuff. Every small step in the game at the beggining is something new. The idea has great potential, but is poor-made, there should be some things to change.

Bad stuff

- Lazy developers and empty world. Game bends under its own weight. It's like iron colossus with feets made of clay. Maybe it's huge, but totaly empty inside and will implode, fall inside. Is it sandbox mmo, am I right? So why world is totaly empty? Someone made some regions, dropped some mountains, some houses and trees. Nothing more. I found several dungeons across the world. All are empty inside. Why? Is it hard to drop some ruins, some mobs and let people explore it? New players don't have locations to explore - only sawers and cemetery. The main goal is to impress a new player, currently they are running away in panic.

- The absence of any guidance and useless skills. I said there are tons of them, right? Right. But most of them are useless. New player is dropped into huge world without any introduction. He don't know nothing about the game, nothing about the advantages, of what might be cool. Beginning of the game has to be encouraging. It isn't. Devs should play some time in the game called RuneScape, where we have ~26 skills and every single one is a masterpiece that we can exp in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany ways. In Mortal Online we can exp skill to 60 in ONE SINGLE DAY without any kind of hard work. It shouldn't work like that. Skill system is... ekhm.

- Membership and donations. I know this is indie game, amateur production made by small company. BUT... Developers do not have a clue how to develop their game. The measure is the creation of an appropriate tutorial at the beginning of the game and making it more reward-membership like it is in other F2P games. Right now 15 € for this game and begging for donations on the main site is... is like... well... there's special place in hell for people like MOs financial advisors.

What-to-do stuff

- First of all. There should be other kind of tutorial. Great example comes from many other bigger mmos - tutorial island where player is learning about everything. This area should be small, not as huge as now. For example:
Kill animal -> extract some food and fur -> cut some wood -> make campfire -> cook some food -> mine copper+coal -> put it into furnance -> make some kind of armor -> fight with mob/NPC for training -> fish -> cook them -> learn how to tame something else than stupid rabbit nad learn about orders (attack, defend, eating, petting) -> learning about full PVP and criminal stuff -> learn about clans and player structures

- Second. Hire someone who will fill this world with locations and mobs, for God sake. This is sandbox game, right? So it should be realy easy to place some mobs, some structures. I was exploring near every square meter between Meduli, Bakti, Fabernum and Tindrem. Found maybe 2 nice-looking locations with mobs, everything else is just some mobs scattered on a flat empty field.

- Third. GUI upgrades. I laughed a good amount of time when seeing the market system in this game. This game is too small to make market different in every city. Whole system needs to be made more modern. For example market should look like in normal game - we know what we want buy, how to search it and what stats this item grants. At once. Right now it looks awful.

- Forth. Membership rewards. I was advertising this game a little to my friends. Everyone was laughing hard when they check out membership price. It should work like in many other F2P games. For example - you are paying only 7$ for first month and if you are continuing this membership, you are gettin better stuff. Right now I can't find anyone around me who is so brave to buy membership for 15€ in such unfinifshed game. Devs, did you know that games with full F2P mode and membership reward are making more money than normal overpriced membership?


Just nope.
Probably like many other players I will play Mortal Online for some time, than I'll move on to another game. Reason is simple and painfull. The game can't encourage to stay and play it. The first few days, maybe weeks looks like "WOOOW!" by some of the great aspects of the game. Then comes the discovery of boredom and emptiness of this huge world when every day in game looks the same. The game forces new players to go out and not come back... That's sad. Unfortunately, soon comes a lot of interesting mmo games, stagnant, barely dead, unfinished and unpolished since years Mortal Online has no chance to stay alive longer than 1 year. In my humble opinion.