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Mortal Online: The Awakening
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scabs 25.12.2012 kello 14.36
Free-to-play? Look closer.
Taken from the game's site:

I voted no.

How convenient that they removed any summary of the differences between Premium and Free players on their website, unless you have an account to login with:
Viimeisin muokkaaja on scabs; 27.10.2013 kello 14.01
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Well its free to play, thats for sure. The problem is you will get your ♥♥♥ handed to you by a subscriber because your skills are capped at 60 instead of 100. Plus there are restrictions on what you can do if you arent a subscriber. $15 a month is what you would expect to pay a top-tier MMO, not an indie game.

Dont get me wrong, Ive played the game for about 12 hours over two days (hit the level cap on about 12 skills) and its pretty good and wide open in what you can do. It is however a little buggy, and very laggy (or the nodes plain crash for hours at a time). If they were asking closer to $5 a month I would sub right up. If there were better help or support functions (supposidly the game was supposed to be confusing as ♥♥♥♥ and not give any help) and be much more stable then they might expect to ask more for subscriptions, but I personally feel its asking too much for too little.

I voted no also, but I did give it a fair shake through Desura client. I would vote yes if the subscription price was half of what they were asking currently.
Drelkag 26.12.2012 kello 8.21 
I don't see an issue. You can download the game and play for free. There's going to be restrictions, of course, just as all MMORPG's have on there F2P clients. Think of it as a really long trial if anything, I don't think it's meant to play long term as a free player.
SkeL 26.12.2012 kello 16.05 
Agreed with jimmythesaint. the subscription price is very expensive for a game like this! EUR $11.40 its not worth it....
Cyrigal 28.12.2012 kello 10.25 
top teir mmos like WoW make me throw up in my mouth cause theyre so boring. I pay 15$ a month for MO cause im a pvp junkie that needs his fix. :D. Its really worth it if you love pvp on insane levels.
Bronzen 28.12.2012 kello 14.01 
Also if you join a guild and get a group of friends on all at once it is crazy fun. Just sub and notice how much faster you move, how much more carcass you get, how much more fun you will have :)
ya there really is no excuse for having nodes crashing for hours at a time or being really really laggy after this game has already been in a release state for so long.
r_carrol 24.1.2013 kello 11.27 
A beta veteran of MO and a beginning subscriber. If you liked getting ganked this is your game I used cunning to survive but all the Bug swatting that went on at the beginning soured ne on this game.There were a lot of good things in the game,however the devs could never deliver a bug free game.
Yeah its free to play, but then your skills are limited to 60, which makes all your chars pretty worthless. I look at it as P2P but if you unsubb you can still logg in and do certain things, like PVE or PVP with not so expensive gear. Need to subscribe to get a good experience tho.
From Terms of service:
1) Free Month and automatic subscription
Once you purchase the game and establish an account, you will be entitled to play Mortal Online for thirty (30) days without any subscription fee. If your account is not terminated or manually set to “do not renew subscription” within this period of thirty (30) days, you will be charged the subscription fee for the following month or by your choice of method and interval. You may change this at any time by logging onto the "account management" site on www.mortalonline.com. Your account will stay open until the end of the current billing
cycle and you will subsequently be automatically charged unless you manually cancel your subscription. When you establish your account, you authorize Star Vault AB to automatically charge you the subscription fee in accordance with the payment terms, as may be amended by Star Vault AB from time to time, plus any applicable taxes that Star Vault AB is required to collect.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Don Peytero; 29.1.2013 kello 5.52
15 bucks is less then i spend on a movie and i get at best 3 hours of entertainment out of that...
I could conceivably get 50-100 hours of entertainment out of this a month if not more... for 15 bucks that aint bad..
Sid 31.1.2013 kello 23.22 
^ by that logic there is also many things you can do, get, play, for free and get 1,000s of hours out of it. Just comes down to opinions and what you want to spend money on but I think any game with free 2 play should at least let the free players character be 90% of that of a paid player.

A paid player should get things like bonus area's they can goto, faster leveling, cosmetic crap, but not 40 more point in all skills and stats.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Sid; 31.1.2013 kello 23.22
Vile, you get the same amount of skill points. You just have a cap on how high one skill can go, you can always distribute them into other skills. Are there certain builds you can't do F2P with the max skill level cap? Yes. But there's still viable builds out there.

Edit to add there's 2 ways to do F2P. Sell cosmetic options, faster leveling, etc. and there's the "freemium" that offers limited content and is mostly an infinite free trial. That's what MO is.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Drelkag; 1.2.2013 kello 0.04
Considering MO is a truly independant game and that it has less then 6 people working on it, it really is amazing what they have been able to acomplish. My hope is that more people will be willing to shell out the 15 bucks each month for this game so that eventually the Developers can hire more people and be able to quash what bugs there are and truly fulfill their vision of what this game is. It really reminds me of Ultima Online in its heyday and i hope it gets better. There is really no other game like it right now. Dark Fall was similair but the developers over there have been smoking something that is bad for them and they are ruining what that game could have been.
If you like any aspect of this game and want it to be better and have it fleshed out consider the 15 bucks a month a donation to the developers. And continue to play. That is the only way the game will get better.
If you looking for game that looking little worse, but is free and you can build many things there, I recommend you play "Wurm online"
The game is a gem. But they would get many more subscribers if they would drop the sub fee down. Not seeing an issue as to why this would not change. $5 a month from every person mildly interested but shying away due to the fact that this indie game wants to same amount per month as one would pay for World of Warcraft.

Yes this game looks way better than World of Warcraft and also offers more for those missing that sandbox feel and community. My point is. they need to drop the sub fee down. Or it will be the pebble in their shoe so to speak.
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