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Mortal Online: The Awakening
Valvar 20/dez/2012 às 5:41
Stories of adventure and of misfortune
Sandboxes, territory control, crafting.... those are all very grand, but I thought I would just like to dedicate a thread to my primary reason for falling in love with this game: Adventure!
Mortal Online is a fairly unique game in this sense, and I have only experienced adventure in the way MO serves it in a couple of other games, both of which are now long passed into cobwebbed annals from a time gone.
There is nothing like a game, where when you meet people who have also played it in real life, you start telling the most fabulous tales and discussing the secrets of dark forests. I'm sure most of you have experienced this... If not with MO, then maybe with another MMO or possibly RPG of the past. So that's why I invite you, friends, to sit a while and listen (and to those of you who have tales to share, to sit a while and tell)!

I'll start with one of my favourite tales, which took place about two years ago. Me and a couple of friends had decided to start playing the game, so we all grabbed a new trial account (I paid for a month of subscription, as I had bought the game in beta but never got around to playing it after release). We started in Fabernum, where we earned a few coppers at first by chopping wood just outside the city gates, mining some ore, and collecting some plants. We explored the countryside around us, but never dared venture too far away from the city, because going too far would likely mean not finding the way back (you see, MO has no in-game map). Eventually I found a blue tree in a secluded location which was a bit tricky to find without looking, which I chopped a bit from and sold to the stores in the city. I was delighted by the relatively high price it fetched (if I remember correctly, which I probably don't, a normal piece of wood rewarded us with 1 copper while this wood gave us 5). Even more delighted was I when another, veteran, player told me that the rare blue wood (named Ironwood) was worth far more than the store price if we sold it to players in need of it. At this point it becomes necessary to reveal that all this time I talked to my friends, who played together with me, over Skype. We had a small gaming community of sorts, where we usually talked to each other during the evenings, regardless of if we were playing games together.
Now, when I made this discovery of the high value of the wood from this tree, I told my other friend who was on at the time, about it and we immediately grabbed our axes and set out to collect the valuable wood.
We came to the location and set to chopping at it, greedily discussing what we would use the money for. And then my friend screamed. I turned around in the game. And I screamed.
A spider, seemingly as large as a horse, covered the screen. It set to decimating my friend. Bravely, I ran down the hill as fast as my legs could carry my and left my former companion to his harrowing fate.
We now both harbour an intense fear/hatred towards arachnids, and as we were not alone in that Skype voice chat, we were constantly ridiculed for this incident for months to come.
I'll see if I can find the screenshot which my friend took of our nemesis shortly before his passing away.