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Mortal Online: The Awakening
AlloyForce 2013年11月9日下午12:30
Mortal Online: Great game,and everyone else
Let me introduce my experience with MMOs,or more specifically,MMORPGs: I don't think I've ever,or will ever master them.Whenever I play,there's always someone to bypass my skills,mostly because he's a P2W player,played the game more time than I did or simply because he's more acknowledged with the game.This is my case for most MMORPGs,but then I've met Mortal Online.

In simply words: RuneScape's many professions+Skyrim's open world.

This game is HUGE,and when I say HUGE I say that in short.it's HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE in a size that I'm suddenly not sure if even Skyrim or Far Cry 3 are that much of great in world size.Unfortunally for me,I never got to see much of the world,and ended up stumbling across the Tindrem(correct me if spelled wrong) city.
For a starting place,this city is humongous,and I takes around 5~10 minutes just to reach the damn gate! (much more if you have no idea where the hell's the gate).The only problem is that sometimes it's too damn huge that you would get bored easily,but once you go to the outside world beyond Tindrem,it should get interesting...(I hope,as I've never went that far XD )

Second,it's "skill tree" is quite oversized,and you have all these neat skills you earn along just from mere actions.Did I said mere? Nope,there's aplenty,ranging from your regular combat to combat movement,momentum,stances and more.
Whilst the basic animal hunting and other professions splits to even the need of knowledge of the anatomy of the animal you're hunting,or plants that you are gathering,along with the fitting skill to cook,but before that you'll need to be skillful with books to efficently understand the book of cooking!
In short,this game is blown with skills.Hell,even F2P players would have a hard time maxing all their potential.

But of course you're likely asking yourself now: Wait a moment,free gane? Huge world to explore? Ginormous skill trees? Isn't that abit too much? Yes,sometimes it is,but after awhile it kinda blends in,and eventually you/any other player should get used to it's flow.

Of course this wouldn't be a fair review without the flaws of the game.New players without decent/sligthly above normal knowledge about game problems might panic quickly as soon as their PC starts to go slow (altough if you'd ask someone in the game,the answer would oddly be that it's the framerate).
Unfortunally,giant games like this tend to have bugs and just like MapleStory,these are the type of annoying bugs that aren't noticed unless the devs pay attention to the community.Which,of course,completely wipes that statemnt if it is hopefully true.

The whole game's world is streaming at once,and while it sounds good at the start,it's actually horrifying to the newest player,as the game will load so many things at once that it's probable that not even your high-end gaming PC would stand the processing power.Here's a tip:If you plan to play the game,make sure to play at start with the lowest graphic settings as possible.Trust me,it's better to play smooth that in style.

And now for what everyone says:This game is P2W(Pay to win in a case you aren't familiar with short terms in MMOs).Basically,no matter how much free the game is,you can only truely enjoy from it's fruits of fun if you pay extra transactions,Or in this case:Monthly subscriptions.
I'm personally not noticing this in my review because I play my MMORPGs without paying at all,both a challenge of sort and because there's no need to,as no free game should every be payed for to have more fun(Take Team Fortress 2 for example,you know that the only time you'll pay is for your hat addictions).Besides,the only difference is just afew extra skills for more items to make and breaking the limit to reach to level 100.It's really not a big difference,y'know?

Well,it's time for the final milestone of this review: The community.

Normally,at the first time I wrote this review,I mostly just got angry because of this dude that called me in names,however,it seems that I've forgot that the internet will always have these cold,hars parts that involve these kind of people.And while that's put away,the community is actually nice,and would sometimes be of help to some new players that are still unfamiliar with the game (like where's the shop for X items,how do I do a certain thing and more).If you want a flawless community without bad people at most of it,this game is likely not your type.If you don't mind them,then welcome in!

So in the end,the case that brought the end upon me(and most of my loot,as after all it's full loot and dead players drop everything they hold.Carfeul not to think this game's like Terraria's penatly for dying!) ended up stirring flames,so I said forget it.However,I soupose that even then there's place for everyone to learn.This game isn't bad,it's just that you need to be careful and stay away from troubles(Btw,if you ever find a person named Driden,I'd say you start running towards the nearest city).

In a nutshell,this game's awesome,although I am still in my doubts for trying it again.Then again,it's YOUR choice.You choose how the story goes,so make sure you can also handle bad results! Other than that,feel free to give it a try,you might not regret it...although you might also will..(But seriously if your computer's fine enough,give it a try.It's kidna awesome).

7.5/10, :greenslime: :greenslime: :greenslime: +0.75 / :greenslime::greenslime::greenslime::greenslime::greenslime:
最后由 AlloyForce 编辑于; 2013年11月10日下午10:03
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Kipsta 2013年11月10日上午12:55 
1/10 bad read, misinformation, you're bad, git gud n ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
最后由 Kipsta 编辑于; 2013年11月10日上午1:00
AlloyForce 2013年11月10日上午4:51 

Review edited.
最后由 AlloyForce 编辑于; 2013年11月10日下午10:01
BigBobbyBups 2013年11月10日上午6:00 
This is quite easily the worst review of the game i've ever read. I wholeheartedly disagree with every negative point the OP made above. This review really has no basis in reality.
AlloyForce 2013年11月10日上午6:06 
Review edited.
最后由 AlloyForce 编辑于; 2013年11月10日下午10:02
Zeeraha 2013年11月12日上午3:48 
I like the honesty of impressions stated in OP, but I couldn't call it review since all aspects of game has to be analysed. Also, don't call a game Pay to Win, since it is pay for unrestricted model. Everyone who pays the sub is on equal grounds, no one can outpay you to be more competitive than you. Most MMOs with MTXs are pay to win because you can always pay more for the game to be easier (items, levelup, skills etc.), therefore one outcompetes other players by paying instead of pure playing.

As for free to play, for MO it would be fairest to say it is a free for access. Access to full skills and some features is restricted, but not limited. It is not free to try, since you can actually play forever with restrictions, and you have access to all areas. Also it is not free to play, since you cannot compete with subscribers on any aspect of play.
AlloyForce 2013年11月12日上午11:41 

I don't belive I meant to say the game's Pay 2 Win(unfortunally,other people do),however,IMO this game's free to play,I just choose not to go that far with what's possible in the game.

Altough you still made a good statement,this game is more of Free to Access than play,and the sub part is more of Pay 2 EXPAND play,one way or the other.
Scorpio 2013年11月13日下午12:04 
The game is p00p,looks horrid imo takes like 10hrs to install..i played for about 2weeks as f2p till for me...just could not take always to be naked,all your stuff in a bank,,they say its hardcore,more like a time sink of bore-dum.The last stop when your bored of MMOS is this type of game...where trolling is the basic game mech.

That city is big,but as you walk around it,the buildings are like place holders blocks imo,pure and simple empty.Like a stage set for a movie.Low budget one.Nothing like neverwinter towns or wow or anyother game imo..P00p.

head bobble when mining or cutting wood is painful to say the least.Enjoy!
The cross on the screen is going to throw you off big time in this combat system.

The people that play my god man are and imo will be the worst set of people in any game you ever will play/nuff said.

But like i said i played for only 2weeks..allday everyday 12hrs a day or more...i liked the way you build up,but the combat is worse then mount and blade or any other FPS mmo i ever played(fallen earth,defince,secret world Darkfall etc),buggy laggy ..you need to get SSD or someother stuff to get this VR of the unreal engine AND IMO is a much older VR of. running..at top fps they say...LOL it maybe true..horrid optomized in basic terms on most pcs.even my rig it ran poor.One problem is 1sever and its not in america,so your gonna have lag.Thats not good for a PVP based game at all.

its not that much a sandbox cause once you find out the class system you will need to reroll,since classes are in the game just under races..etc with stat caps and so on.I would read on this before you make a toon.most info is useless to a noob.
Their VR of sandbox is,you will spend more time reading about the game on the fourms or youtube then playing it.Thats not sandbox,its not open ended or anything,you need to make alts if you want to make your own stuff,if not be farming undead in town or selling on the AH nothing new here.

And for a indi game buggy and kinda poor low player base asking for 15bucks a month is funny.

But i do hope they get on steam,in away i feel it would just be a money grab,But i love games and this one is worth checking out if you like to see Dix and like to kill naked people to see if maybe you dont have to chop on a tree for 10mins.

just cause you can be looted imo does not make the game hardcore.this game is a themepark mmo with option to loot a dead guy(player) that most the time was a f2p naked dude with nothing on him but some food.

I would play it if it had american server and would pay to play if it was a bit cheaper,15bucks is not alot of money but for a game in this state it is.


I have nothing good or nice to say so/nuff said
最后由 Scorpio 编辑于; 2013年11月14日上午9:46
AlloyForce 2013年11月13日下午1:38 
I can see that you do have a good point on one thing,as eventually running around thru empty fields sure gets boring,especially if you manage to get yourself killed.As for the city part,you're definetly right,however it's not like you'd expect it to go like Skyrim and barrage to every house for loot right? (Be realistic,that's what this game tries to aim for).As for the targeting cross I do agree how it's useless in combat,however your position on the community is very minor.Remember:Some people are meant to be jerks on the internet to MAKE YOU not want to play the game.The community isn't that much of bad somedays.

I'll admit though,the combat is indeed shoddy,as bows barely are effective and magic's too expensive on start,and weaopns aren't that much of complex considering how off the hit detection goes sometimes.As for the lag/bug part they are fixed with time,however the lag is not a problem if you simply lower the graphics...

But like I said I do admit,the game isn't much open-ended with it's limits with the class system,hell even Runescape's more varietiable.
TheLaw 2013年11月26日下午11:47 
when will they release it on steam
AlloyForce 2013年11月27日下午12:35 
That I wish I knew. (not.I have much better games to wait for now XD)
TheLaw 2013年12月3日下午10:08 
引用自 RavenForce
That I wish I knew. (not.I have much better games to wait for now XD)
alright then
Bronzen 2013年12月10日上午12:58 
First the armor patch is to be released (shortly) then they might hotfix some stuff then possible steam release or they might finish TC (Territory Control) and then release after hotfixing that. 2014 for Steam release :) PM me if you have any MO questions (3 year vet).
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