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Chat with the developer
Here is a place for you to ask questions about Neon, or just shoot the wind with the developer.

So fire away.

As long as I'm not busy working on the game I'll be checking in here. I'm based in the UK and evenings are the most likely time to find me with free time to reply.
En son Intravenous Software tarafından düzenlendi; 3 Ara 2012 @ 18:49
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Seems legit.
Nice to see people taking time to talk to their community.
Hehe, it would have been nicer if I'd checked back sooner than 15 minutes eh?

Sorry I was writing a long post on another forum. I'm all ears now.
I'm honestly surprised that it's not common for devs to spend time with their community. Without you guys I'm nothing.
do you have a beta out yet where can i download
Not yet Reflyx, I'm hoping to get some closed Alpha testing started in a couple of months. The gameplay is all there and functional, but there are still a few things I need to get sorted out first.
At the moment the game isn't highly user friendly. There is no tutorial or anything like that and the upgrade system can be quite complex. I don't plan to put a tutorial into it, but I do want tooltips popping up while you are in the user interface to tell you what everything does and how one thing effects another.

So basically I need to get the game ready for other people to play rather than just myself. There are lots of other things on my to-do list that need sorting out first also. But I will be looking here to the most interested players to join the alpha.
Since the game takes place in cyberspace will we be able to visit certain parts of a computer, like an arena style area for the hard drive, or an obstacle course for the disk reader?
Absolutely. All of that is possible folklore.

If you take a closer look at the video you will see docking ports are shaped like USB slots. The ground 'building' like things are actually a blend of circuit board type objects. The design philosophy was to blend the feel of flying through city buildings but base their shape and design on a circuit board. The fan on the wall at the start of the game was modelled on a Geforce graphics card design. Or was it a Radeon. Nevermind. You get my point.

But then the second room is infected by virus so it's full of cubes and the textures are all off wack. So is the lighting. Third room has cheap looking malware objects cutting into the original design. Final room is back to normal with the circuit board look.

It's not meant to look exactly like a circuit board, or a city, but a blend of the two.

I like your ideas for locations though. Thanks for sharing them.
En son Intravenous Software tarafından düzenlendi; 2 Ara 2012 @ 12:21
I love the way the environment changes so fluidly that I can't tell when one room stops and another starts.
Thanks, they start when I go through the up and down tunnels :) Some rooms are very big. The last room in the video we only saw half of it.
I think the color scheme needs some work. The black walls with red lines may look cool, but from the gameplay video it looks like it will hard to see those incredible small ships. Also need to avoid making it so that ppl will frequently run into the walls (can happen alot with this type of game, and can make it very frustrating).
There is no damage hitting the walls. That's not fun. Flying around like a maniac in a ship that is very responsive is fun. So dont worry about that part.

I will look into ways to make ships more visible. Thanks for the comment.

It is difficult to make something that is 5m long stand out when it's 300m away though. I will keep experimenting on that. I suppose it's why all fighters have HUD's because you simply can't see things in the distance unless the are day glow green.
En son Intravenous Software tarafından düzenlendi; 2 Ara 2012 @ 15:44
Mark me down for alpha testing, whenever you get to that point. You've got something great here.
Thank you Seizure. If anyone is interested in the alpha test add the game as a favourite so you get the announcement when it's about to start. Realistically, I'm looking at sometime in Feb 2013 hopefully but, like everything to do with making a game, things take longer than expected so don't be surprised if it slips a month longer. I will do my best though.
i would love to have neon to play anytime i want with my friends i want it for my bday :D
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